Top 5 Johnny Depp Performances

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is known for starring in many movie roles where he transforms himself completely in order to fit into the character’s role that he is playing. He goes through very deep transformations that make him virtually unrecognizable in every film. If it wasn’t for his impeccable performances, viewers probably wouldn’t even know that it was him.

People often claim that Depp is one of the trendiest and most diverse actors that Hollywood has in this generation. Not only is he able to switch from a funny role to a serious one, but his acting is amazing regardless of the role that he is chosen to play. The three-time Oscar nominee has had some of the most iconic roles that this Hollywood era has seen.

Here are some of the top 5 Johnny Depp performances that viewers can’t miss out on:

1. Character: Raoul Duke – Movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Adapted from Hunter S. Thompson’s novel, this movie is about two characters who wish to explore the entire city of Las Vegas under a heavy dosage of drug influence. Johnny Depp, in this case, portrays the role of Raoul Duke, who uses the influence of mescaline to explore the desert of Nevada while trying to reach Las Vegas in a crazy adventure with his partner.

While this movie is quite crazy, it shares the vibe and electricity that you get when you visit Las Vegas. Nothing says entertainment like visiting Las Vegas and enjoying all the entertainment the city has to offer. A place where people can sit down and enjoy a wide selection of online slots and all the infinite possibilities that come from gambling in Vegas.

2. Character: Jack Sparrow – Movie: Pirates Of The Caribbean

One of his most famous and popular roles has been Jack Sparrow in the entire series of Pirates of the Caribbean. In this movie he plays a drunk pirate with a funny and quirky attitude. While his performance is outstanding, he has such an amazing disguise that people have a hard time knowing that it is really him. His character in this movie earned Depp his first Oscar nomination as he was able to bring to life a very remarkable and unique character, something that later on played a vital role in the upcoming films.

3. Character: John Dillinger – Movie: Public Enemies

One of the best roles in Johnny Depp’s career has been in the movie Public Enemies. In this film Depp appears to be a gangster who robs banks in an impeccable manner. His cold performance is truly admirable and something that everyone can enjoy while watching this film.

4. Character: George Jung – Movie: Blow

Another of his impressive roles in Hollywood was when Depp starred as a cocaine dealer known as George Jung. While this time he was impersonating a real-life character this performance was over the top and quite realistic. For people who are into movies about drug gangs and criminal pursuits, this movie is the perfect one for it.

5. Character: Edward – Movie: Edward Scissorhands

People would not believe that Depp actually played this meticulous and eccentric character. Quite at the beginning of his career was when Johnny was casted to play Edward in the movie Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton, where he plays a quirky man with troubles. The fact that even with a face full of makeup Depp was able to portray a sentimental being in this film is truly remarkable.

While these are only some of the most remarkable roles that Depp has been in, his career as an actor has led him to become one of the most admirable celebrities in all of Hollywood due to his ability to transform magnificently from one role to another.

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