Top 5 Worst Movie Reboots of All Time

Movie Reboots are a mixed bag, both in quality and in commercial success. It seems that every time a reboot or remake is announced the initial response is why. Why reboot a beloved story, or in some case a lesser know story if the original was already good enough? I believe that reboots are important because it does allow a new audience that has different tastes in storytelling the ability to experience a classic. Despite the public opinion reboots are a quick way to make money with The Lion King (2019) life action adaptation making one billion dollars. On the other hand, some reboots are so bad, or not needed that end up tanking in the box office only to be forgotten. So in honor of those failed reboots, I will be ranking the Top 5 Worst Movie Reboots.

5. Hellboy (2019)

Hellboy (2019) is the latest film on this list and it is also one of the worst examples of reboots. The original Hellboy and its follow up Hellboy 2: The Golden Army were two of Guillermo Del Torro’s hidden gems. The movie while cheesy by today’s standard stands the test of time by the visuals alone. If there is one thing that Del Torro does better than anyone is his flair for practical effects, his makeup, and creature design give the first two movies a timeless effect.

The reboot, on the other hand, does not seem to know what it wants to be. Directed by Neil Marshall and starring David Harbour as the titular character. When the movie was first revealed fans were skeptical because of the desire for the third entry in the original Del Torro films trying to get off the ground. There are many things wrong with this film from the inconsistent tone, to the very subpar special effects. The acting was also deprived of any charisma, even from the trailers you could tell that something felt off. The movie tried to win fan support with the announcement of an R rating. However, this only made the movie feel a little too try-hard.

4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The planet of the apes has had an interesting legacy. The original is a sci-fi classic with its twist still as awe-inspiring now as it was back when it released. The follow-ups, however, were not as well received. Despite the solid, the franchise never really knew how to capitalize on it. This led to the franchise going dark for a while before the Steven Spielberg reboot,  but the less said about that the better. The series did get a new lease on life with the amazing 2011 reboot Rise of the Planet of the Apes, directed by Rupert Wyatt the movie serves as a reboot/ prequel showing how the apes became intelligent and what overall led to the destruction of humanity. The movie also serves as a love letter two the first movies, with easters eggs setting the stage for future events. While not the best movie in the  new trilogy, Rise of the Planet of the Apes shows that all the franchise need was a little bit of James Franco.

3. The Day the Earth Stood Still

Keanu Reeves has become a Hollywood darling as of late, with his successful return with the John Wick movies, and his other appearances in both movies and video games. He is even set to appear in the new Spongebob Squarepants Movie. However, there was a time where Keanu was seen as just another B movie actor, and there is no greater example than The Day Stood Still. A reboot of the 1951 film original the premise stays largely the same as an aline race descent to Earth after studying the planet for years.  While the original film was mostly about humanity coming together in order to overcome all obstacles. The 2008 reboot, however, uses the original premise, and adds an environmental message to it. The movie is dark, some scenes are hard to see, and even the giant robot seemed badly rendered even for the time. Keanu’s acting while meant to feel distant came of a bored, even confused at some points. However, the biggest problem with the movie is that the movie is boring. You can be a bad movie and still be entertaining, but you can’t be boring.

2. A Star is Born

If you have been listening to music for the last year, no dought you heard the phenomenal Shallow song sang by Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper. The song comes from the amazing 2018 film A Star is Born, the movies is about Ally an up and coming singer who is discovered by musician Jackson Maine. The duo fall in love, however, their relationship spirals out of control as Ally’s talent makes her the hottest singer in the world, while Jackson’s drug addiction and self-hate leads him closer to a path of self-destruction. The movie is amazing and it elevated Lady Gaga to an oscar-nominated performance. With that said one of the shocking parts about the movie is that it is the second reboot of the 1937 original. The movie was remade three times, but it is save to say that this is the best version and one that will stand the test of time.

1. Point Break

Speaking of Keanu Reeves, there is not a dought that one of his best movies is the amazing super 90s cop movie Point Break. A movie about a group of extreme bank robbers running amock around southern California, in order to stop them Federal Agent Johnny Utah joins a surf group who appear to be the criminals. With a premise that crazy the original film delivered in all the high action, all the bromance, and all the cheese you can think of. With that said the Point Break 2015 reboot seems to try to answer the question, how do you ruin it? First is the color palette, by getting rid of bright colors and replacing it with dark blue shade. Then the tone, the reboot seems to take itself too seriously completely forgetting the lighthearted nature of the original.

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