Top 10 Most Underrated Netflix Titles You Must Watch

We’ve all been here, casually on your couch or scrolling on your tablet for something good to watch on Netflix, unsure of what mood you’re in. Am I feeling a TV series or movie? You ask yourself as you deny any sort of plans to rewatch Grey’s Anatomy for the umpteenth time. Well here are some of my favorite titles on Netflix that do not get the attention they deserve

10. American Vandal

If you want a parody in lieu of something like Borat or Bruno. I implore you to give this two-season series a try. It is an anthology series that depicts the unreal cases that go on a school and up to a film crew to solve the mystery. It is hilarious, well-written and the perfect show to discuss with friends that its fans still discuss to this day.

9. Yasuke

As someone who is slowly getting into the anime medium, I could not recommend Yasuke enough. Starring Lakieth Stanfield is a samurai warrior as he must defeat the evils that come across him. It is action-packed, stylish, and wonderfully executed. The music is a blend of jazz and rap and is done by musicians Thundercat and Flying Lotus. And it is short! Half-hour episodes that contain a six-episode season, an easy binge for a night in!

8. About Time

The first non-Netflix Original on this list is 2013’s About Time. A romantic comedy starring Rachel McAdams and Domhall Gleeson, the film tells the story of a man who finds out he and his family can go back in time. When he does so, he goes back to win over the girl of his dreams. The film is sweet, wholesome, depressing, and hilarious due to a tightly written script by writer/director Richard Curtis.

7. Good Time

Curious to see Robert Pattinson as The Batman? Did you love 2019’s Uncut Gems? Then you’ll love The Safdie brothers film Good Time. The film stars Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie as two brothers and as one is arrested after a robbery has gone wrong, it is up to the other brother to get him out. Like Uncut Gems, it is an anxiety-inducing thrill ride that continues to raise its stakes as the film progresses. The acting is superb and the cinematography and score by Oneohtrix Point Never are electrifying. Do not miss out on one of the best films of the last decade!

6. At Eternity’s Gate

Want a different type of biopic? Spice things up with the ravishing and emotional At Eternity’s Gate. The film stars Willem Dafoe as a young Vincent Van Gogh during the last few years of his life and how he attempts to bring his unique visions to life. Dafoe, once again, tops himself here bringing a very layered performance. The cinematography looks like a painting and feels very Van Gogh-esque in terms of storytelling. Check it out!

5. The IT Crowd

Want to experience comedy from other countries? Check out the British comedy series The IT Crowd. The series is only five seasons and stars Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade as two IT nerds in a very successful company and it takes one new co-worker to change things up for them. Every episode will have your sides splitting with its raunchy humor and well-done writing. It is a show meant for everyone!

4. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Looking for something just to throw on as background noise? Jerry Seinfeld is here to help with his latest television series. The title is simply the premise of the show, Jerry Seinfeld takes A-list celebrities to coffee shops in very elegant cars discussing things such as their careers and the Hollywood scene that is going on today. It is funny, interesting and a good time for anyone!

3. Shadow 

Do you ever just like seeing ninjas and samurais fight it out? Shadow is a Chinese samurai action flick that is heavy on action. The story is pretty standard as three kingdoms battle for control. But how could you not want to watch these epics heroes fight it out in some of the best action stunts seen in the last decade, hell in the entire genre. How could you not want to watch this?!

2. Creep 

If there is one genre that is of need for a resurgence it is the found-footage horror. Since the birth in the ’90s with The Blair Witch Project, the genre has not been given the proper entries minus some that get overshadowed by some of the mainstream schlock that gets pumped out the year in and year out. Mark Duplass stars and directs this masterwork about a man who drives to a stalker’s house and films him all day. What persues is hilarious and dark. The acting is phenomenal and it feels so good to have another great film in the genre.

1. I Think You Should Leave 

If anyone wants to understand my exact type of humor. I will simply show them an episode of I Think You Should Leave. Tim Robinson’s sketch comedy series is a masterclass in heightened comedy and the executions are so worth it. The series weakest moments still beat whatever SNL is doing this season and thus creating some of the most iconic moments of modern comedy ever produced. Tim Robinson stars while also having surprise cameos along the way. With only six episodes in these two seasons and eleven-minute episodes, it’s a shame this is not getting the attention it deserves. Take a look below!

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