New Trailer and Poster For Halloween Kills Has Been Released

One franchise that has become infamous amongst horror fans, is Halloween. Everyone loves the crazy serial murderer in Haddonfield ever since his debut in the John Carpenter classic in 1978. Now the evil has returned for a sequel to the 2018 reboot with Halloween KillsHalloween (2018) was a smash hit with audiences and was a critical success that Universal asked director David Gordon Green to return to helm the next two installments in what looks to be a trilogy.

A new trailer for the highly anticipated sequel as well as a poster was revealed to the public and sent chills down the spines of its fans. The film promises to be more violent and bone-chilling than the original according to executive producer and composer John Carpenter and thinks it’ll blow people’s minds. The film takes place immediately after its predecessor and follows the trauma not only from Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode as well as her daughter and granddaughter too and the physical health as the deranged killer is still on the loose.

Check out the recently released poster and trailer below and catch Halloween Kills as it makes its way into theaters on October 15th

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