10 Cool Party Tricks You Can Learn Right Now

Want to be the life of the party? It’s simple – do something that separates you from the herd. Now, that doesn’t mean you should attempt a backflip when you’ve never done one or start lighting off fireworks for no reason, but it does mean you should try to get people’s attention. Any party you go to is bound to be filled to the brim with posers and charlatans trying and failing to do exactly that – entertain. However, by mastering these 10 party tricks you’ll be so impressive no one can ignore you. Act cool and don’t be afraid to improvise. To spend more time at parties, we recommend that you buy an essay online https://mycustomessay.com/buy-online.html to enjoy the party.

10. Cherry Stem Knot In the Mouth



Tying a cherry stem knot in your mouth is perhaps the classic cool guy move at any party or bar, and if you can perfect it, you’re golden. You basically don’t even need a pickup line beyond, “Hi my name is _______”. Tying a cherry stem in a knot with your fingers, on the other hand, does not get the same reactions from crowds typically. Also, if cherry stems are not obviously abundant, don’t go out of your way to find one (You’ve still got 9 other options below you can use!).
If cherry stems do present themselves to you, find the longest one you can and put it in your mouth to “break it in” for a couple seconds. Once it’s loose enough, use your tongue to cross the two ends of the stem over each other, then secure the point where the two ends cross with your two front teeth. Then, pin the cross down to your bottom front teeth with the underside of your tongue as you reach for the back of the loop created by the cross with your top teeth. Slowly bring the loop towards you as you feel for the end underneath the cross with your tongue. Put the end through the loop as you “thread the needle.” Once the end is through the loop, use pressure and suction to tighten the knot.
Boom! There is no way you get this on your first try, but practice makes perfect!

9.  Crack An Apple In Half With Your Bare Hands



This trick takes a little less physical strength and a little more determination than you’re probably expecting. It really comes down to how much determination you have and the willpower you’re willing to exert. First, try to feel out the apple. Where can you grip the apple the best? Once you find yourself a perfect hold, you can start to try to split the apple:


8.  Link Two Paper Clips Together With A $20 Bill

This trick is pretty cool, but not especially seductive. Its appeal is mainly that it makes you look smart. To set the trick up, bring two paperclips with you and ask for a dollar bill from the crowd if you don’t have one on you – $1, $2, $5, $10, $50, $100, they all work the same. Orient the bill so that it’s in a “Z” when you look at it from the side. Next, place two paperclips on the bill. One should go in the front and should connect the one “end” of the Z to the “body” of the Z and the other should mimic that formation in the back. If set up properly, your trick should result in the linkage of your two paperclips in a dazzling display.


7. Blow Bubbles With A CD

You’ll need a couple props for this one, but the end result is worth your while. Simply get an old CD you don’t need anymore and scratch off any paint or protective coating with some tool. Once all the coating is gone, get a lighter and heat the desired area of the CD. Once sufficiently heated, take a deep breath, and blow in the heated area.


6. Here’s How To Set The Mood

This party trick is super cool if you’re more into “kickbacks” than traditional parties. If you find yourself in a cabin or some sort of candlelit area, here’s how to set the mood. Get a lighter and a candle with a holder and light the candle.  Then, blow the candle out and wait for the smoke from the candle to rise. Once the smoke is nice and tall, light the smoke on fire again and see what happens. It should look something like this.


5. Give A Kiss Like A Pro

Ever wonder how to open a Hershey’s kiss properly? No? Well here’s how to do it as Milton Hershey intended anyway. Get a Hershey’s Kiss and grasp the little paper and the body of the kiss gently. Simultaneously, yank the paper and the Kiss away from one another as fast as you can. Presto!


4. Water Bottle Flip Challenge

The water bottle flip challenge skyrocketed into the public eye sometime in between 2015 – 2016 and has since become a mainstay of party entertainment. All you’ve got to do is get a water bottle that’s a little less than a third of the way full and see if you can flip it back on its end. See which of your friends can do it the most times in a row. Can you compete with this family of pro flippers below?


3. Boba Tea Sniper

This will probably make you more enemies than friends, but with the right people, it can be a lot of fun. Instead of going paintballing this weekend, find your nearest boba tea place and order extra tapioca balls. The straws that come with your drink should be wide enough to suck up the tapioca, and also wide enough to act as a lethal barrel. Load up your straw with “ammo” by stockpiling tapioca balls in your straw without putting them in your mouth. Use the straw as a blowgun and fire away at your friends.


2. Human Table

If you’re at a party and four of you find yourselves standing around doing nothing, it’s time to make a table. Solicit four people and mimic the picture below. Feel your interpersonal bonds strengthening the longer you stay in formation.


1.  Teleporting Coin


This is my favorite. Also, it’s really easy to get good at this one and most people are fooled or at least impressed by it. Get a coin of some sort (preferably a quarter) and stick out your hands, palms up. Place the quarter in one of your palms and tell your audience that you are going to make it transfer to the other hand. When they doubt you, shut both hands rapidly (tossing the quarter in between your hands), creating the appearance that it magically teleported. You’re effectively throwing the quarter from one hand into the other but they won’t pick up on that if you are fast enough. The faster you throw the coin from one hand to the other, the more convincing the trick will look.

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