How to Analyse Instagram Stories: 5 Metrics to Track

There is no doubt that Instagram offers some of the most engaging features for impacting your audience. You must be familiar with some features like Instagram posts, reels, and IGTV. However, Instagram Stories is a game-changer for those who want to gain popularity on Instagram.

Instagram Stories is an excellent promotional strategy to improve interaction and have a wider reach on Instagram. So how can you analyze the Instagram Stories? 

The Instagram stories analytics helps to measure the key performance metrics. It provides an overview of the content relatability, audience engagement, and retention rate. It also analyses at what point the viewer dropped off from the stories. 

All these metrics help to make rich content, improve audience interaction and eventually gain popularity on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at the five most crucial metrics to track for analyzing Instagram Stories – 

Discovery Rate

Discovery evaluates the reach and impressions on your Instagram story. It is different from the number of Instagram followers. Reach indicates the number of unique users that viewed your Instagram story. On the other hand, impressions represent the number of times your story was viewed. 

Your reach rate depends on the size of your audience. Usually, Instagram stories have a low reach rate and higher impressions. Evaluating these aspects helps to analyze the quality and posting frequency of your Instagram stories. 

Having a high discovery rate is necessary to gain popularity on Instagram or have a wider reach on Instagram. Moreover, it is crucial for boosting your online presence. One of the best ways to improve your discovery rate is to target an audience that is similar to your Instagram followers. 

Track Stories Interactions

This metric is essential to understand what mode of interaction is performing better to improve retention rate. There are several features on Instagram that can boost the audience’s interaction with stories. Some of them include – 

  • Polls 
  • Use of hashtags 
  • Question stickers 
  • Story mentions and many more 

Overall, this metric analyses the type of interaction and assesses the performance of your story. It is an excellent metric to look at if you want a wider reach on Instagram. 

Analyze your Content 

It is crucial to periodically refine your content strategy. This helps to improve the retention rate of your audience. Moreover, it is an excellent way to have a wider reach on Instagram. The best way to analyze your Instagram story is to ensure that the concept, creativity, and execution are synchronized with each other. 

Keep track of the type of interaction you get on your content. You can use the message-level data in the Instagram Insights to compare which type of content is working well for you. A unique and relatable story can help you to gain popularity on Instagram.

Audience feedback provides qualitative data on the content performance rate. Use their reviews and feedback to tweak your content to have a wider reach on Instagram. 

Analyze the Engagement Rate

Engagement on Instagram stories can be analyzed by measuring the number of swipe-ups and replies. Swipe-ups are Call-To-Actions that help to promote businesses, drive traffic to a website or online store and provide informational links. Swipe-ups are excellent to measure ROI (Return on Investment). 

On the other hand, replies simply to the number of messages you receive as a reaction to your story. The more replies, the better is the engagement on Instagram. Improving the engagement rate is crucial to gain the popularity of Instagram. Moreover, it helps to have a wider reach on Instagram and helps you grow organically. 

Check the Number of Tap Backs and Tap Forwards

This metric helps to analyze the completing rate of your Instagram stories by calculating three categories – 

  • Tap forward – it is the number of taps a viewer makes to see the next segment in your story. An increased number of Tap forwards shows that your content is not engaging or that the story is too long for the viewer to watch. 
  • Tap backs – it is the number of taps a viewer makes to see the previous segment of your story. Tap backs indicate that the viewer enjoyed watching the photos or videos in the story.
  • Exit – as the name suggests, this category calculates the number of viewers who exited before the story ended. It can happen due to several reasons. For example, a viewer may exit your story if they take action using swipe-ups. It can also happen if a viewer closed their Instagram app while watching the story. 

By using this data you will be able to analyze your Instagram stories in-depth and work harder to gain popularity on Instagram. 


The five Instagram story metrics mentioned above are essential for better understanding your audience. Moreover, it is an excellent way to analyze your content, gain more engagement and have a wider reach on Instagram. 

The Instagram story metrics analyze the completion rate, type of interaction, and audience retention rate. Having a detailed analytic report can be a game-changer for you especially if you are looking to gain popularity on Instagram. 

So what are you waiting for? Use these metrics every week to gain insights into the performance rate. Make a list of your observations and tweak your content to make it more relatable and engaging. 

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