‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Scores Best Box Office Opening Of COVID Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been kind to the film industry, but Godzilla vs. Kong helped revive the box office with an impressive opening weekend.

While the numbers are approximately half of what they would have been during the pre-pandemic days, Godzilla vs. Kong scored the best opening weekend at the box office since the COVID-19 pandemic began over a year ago.

The film brought in an estimated $48.5 million since opening on Wednesday, March 25.

“While it’s half of what it would be under normal circumstances, the weekend is a clear and positive indication that moviegoing has inherent strengths that aren’t going away, including going out for the group experience; the big screen quality; and the value for cost,” David A. Gross, who runs the movie consultancy FranchiseRe, said, via the Associated Press.

The number is even more impressive when you consider the film is also available to stream at home thanks to HBO Max.


“Moviegoers have been waiting for an event film like Godzilla vs. Kong to arrive on the big screen and the numbers don’t lie — it’s clear that wherever audiences are ready to safely return to the theater, they have, and we’re thrilled with the results,” Jeff Goldstein, distribution chief for Warner Bros., said in a statement.

The film continues to be available on HBO Max and in theaters, so be sure to check out what all of the hype is about.


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