What You Should Know About Bonuses In An Online Casino

Most of us love free things–a free taste of a food or a drink, a free trial for an app or service, or anything that we can avail of at no cost at all. After all, what’s there to lose if you are to get something for free? The same can be said for online casino gamblers when it comes to online casino bonuses–what even made this a better type of “freebie” is that it is a free chance to win real money in casino games. Imagine winning money without wagering anything of value at all! But is it really what it seems, or are there more to bonuses that you need to learn about?

Before you get all excited and spend all the best online casino bonus offers that you can get from the top-rated sites and apps out there, you must first understand that these bonuses, more often than not, are bound by terms and conditions and one of the foremost things that are part of this is the wagering requirements.

What are casino bonuses wagering requirements?

In the simplest definition, wagering requirements in online casino bonuses refer to the number of times or the total valuer that a player must make before they can make use of the winnings they made from the bonus if any at all.

When you receive a bonus, it does not work like “free money” that you can cash out of your wallet. Rather, it works as a free chance to play games. Although you did not pay for this credit, you can still win real money with it on participating games. However, unlike playing with credits you purchased with real money, winnings that came from free plays and bonuses are “locked” for a certain time until you meet the wagering requirements.

Take this for example: if you received a bonus equivalent to $100 of play credits, and the wagering r requirement is $300, this means that you need to use the free credits you have earned plus any winnings you may acquire along the way, and bet a total value of $300 before you get to unlock any remaining winnings you have for a take-home withdrawal to your wallet.

Where can I learn about the wagering requirement of my bonus?

Each online casino can have a varied wagering requirement, and this information is always detailed in the terms and conditions that you have to accept and declare that you understand before you receive your bonus. While most people, if not all, skip this part, you must take the time and effort to check into this as understanding the fine print of the bonus that will be given to you is the key to crafting the perfect strategy to maximizing its use.

Can you avoid wagering requirements?

The simple answer to this is no, you cannot. Unfortunately for you, wagering requirements will always be a part of the bonuses that you can get from an online casino. It will only vary in the number of times you need to bet or the total value of the bet that you need to make, but it will still be there, nonetheless.

However, it is still worth mentioning that there are no-wagering casino bonuses. These bonuses come with no wagering requirement at all. No tricks involved, no hidden terms deep in the fine print. The bad news is that it can be very hard to find a type of bonus like this and when you finally do, it would always be only for a limited number of games or a specific game only.

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