Getting Educated is a Priority. Getting a Scholarship is a Luxury

There are those who maintain that education is not a privilege, it is a right. Yet, despite this, the exorbitant costs ostracise many students. Scholarships are a viable solution.



In an all-too-familiar scenario for students everywhere, there is increasing competition in the world as more and more skilled people vie for a set number of good-paying jobs. To stay in the mix, post-secondary education has becoming a necessary to keep one’s options open. Therein lies the dilemma: entering a program or college is important to move forward but the debt to do so may be crippling. While the Internet is peppered with articles on ‘How to go to college with no money’ or ‘How to pay for college with no money’ these innocuous guides may present interesting ideas but simply are not practical for most students. 

Many of today’s students face the prospect of a mountain of debt after graduation. There are possibilities to change this prospect, such as applying only to the rare tuition-free schools or stopping one’s path after a certain level (ex. certificate, associate, bachelor). While nobody is assured of a state or federal grant or merit-based scholarships, they are certainly worth considering. But, for the vast majority these options make precious little sense to trim expenses given the limitations and the shoestring budget they have. This leaves learners and potential career leaders with seemingly limited options at their disposal. What could change this outlook? 

Introducing the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship

Fortunately, there are options for first-generation college attendees and first-generation immigrants. As new immigrants to the US, they certainly face many challenges. Cultural norms and values can be quite different and integrating can be painful. However, the lack of resources is often cited as the #1 most glaring difficulty. The high cost of a US college education is enough to turn many immigrants away. If you are an incoming college freshman or sophomore, you may be in contention for a Jasdeep Singh Scholarship, made possible by Jasdeep Singh from CT.

The scholarship is currently targeted at the first generation of college attendees and the first generation of immigrants. In honor of Iqbal and Asha Singh, the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship is awarding two $1000 scholarships. The first will be awarded to a resident from the state of Connecticut, and the second can go to any eligible student from any state in the US. Entry into this scholarship draw requires a few pieces, including a short essay, personal statement, and proof of acceptance into college. This philanthropic overture comes at a particularly tough time for immigrant students across the US due to increasing immigration regulation and pandemic travel restrictions. 

Why Do Students Face Such Difficulty with US College Tuition Fees?

US colleges, particularly those with higher rankings, only accept a limited number of students every semester. Competition to get can be fearsome. Students have to work hard throughout high school to rise through the ranks in their college applications. College leaders say that tuition rates reflect these high levels of demand as well as the expectations students place on academic and residential resources.

For those who perform at or above the level for possible entrance into a school, there is always the elephant in the room: college tuition and boarding fees. Fortunately, the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship is one of many scholarship options available to eligible students. There are numerous scholarships offered by public and private groups, some being merit-based while others are developed for certain target audiences. Were it not for his parents and a scholarship, Jasdeep Singh UCONN graduate would only be a pipe dream. 

The process of applying for scholarships may require the services of a school guidance counsellor, a relative, or close personal friend. Since each scholarship has its own set of rules and requirements, it is incumbent upon students to seek out those which fit their needs best. Reading through the scholarship application forms carefully will ensure that all the requirements, terms and conditions, and stages in the process are understood. When someone does earn a scholarship, the money is usually paid directly to the college. The college will then allocate the funds wherever they need to go, such as dorms, tuition, lab, and other related fees.

Be advised that once you are granted a scholarship it counts as student aid. All other student aid that you have received will be reflected in the same category and the total value of your scholarships can never exceed the costs of attendance at your school. Unless you come from a wealthy family that can afford to cover college tuition, students will need help. The best advice is to begin applying for scholarships, grants, and financial assistance as early and often as possible. 

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