5 Best Altcoins to Invest in After Bitcoin In 2021

Bitcoin is ruling the Crypto market for sure. The way it is performing in the Crypto market is awe-inspiring. Though the past 2020 was not a smooth year for Bitcoin users, and many investors were thinking, maybe this is the end of Bitcoin. 

But by the end of 2020, Bitcoin surprised everyone by reaching the value price of more than $29,000. With its daily increasing value price, Bitcoin crosses $35,000 by the second week of 2021.

Top 5 Best Altcoins to Invest In 2021 After Bitcoin

Those who can not afford this increasing price also can invest in other Cryptocurrencies or Altcoins. With the rising of Bitcoin, other Crypto coins are also performing well. Here we will suggest you top 5 altcoins other than Bitcoins. 

  • Ethereum – The King of Defy

In the year 2020, despite all the critical financial issues and uncertainty, Ethereum also manages to perform well. It is in the place just after the most popular Bitcoin. By the end of September 2020, the market capitalization of Ethereum was increased by a rate of 60% that is from $25 billion to a stunning $40 billion. 

At that time, one token of Ethereum cost $483. But just after that, the value was decreased to $358. During the end of 2020, the price value of Ethereum has started to slide, and by the second week of January 2021, it reaches more than $1,000, which is pretty much impressive.  For more information visit bitqt-app.com

  • Litecoin – Fast and Affordable

Just after Bitcoin, Litecoin was launched in the Crypto market. Maybe this is the reason why there are a lot of similarities between Bitcoin and Litecoin. Like its older sibling, Bitcoin, Litecoin has also faced some severe turmoil during the end of December. 

The price value was fluctuating between $70 to $90. But by the starting of the second week of January, Litecoin manages to touch the price of $144. As per the Cryptocurrency experts, surprises are waiting for Litecoin lovers. 

  • Ripple – New Payment Ecosystem

When you judge Cryptocurrencies by the market capitalization, Ripple will sit in the fourth position, closely following Ethereum and Bitcoin. This is much more popular amongst large institutions than individuals. Several banks are already partnered with Ripple, and many financial institutions are looking forward to adopting the Ripple Protocol. 

Experts are expecting a massive rise in the Ripple market due to its institutional support. XRP is considered the powerhouse of Cryptocurrencies and will be on the list of best Cryptocurrencies. 

  • Tron – TRX – Transforming The Altcoin Market

There is a reason why Tron is in the list of top 5 Cryptocurrencies. Around a couple of years ago, TRX or Tron acquired BitTorrent. This means they are capable of achieving big things. Especially if they manage to build decentralized and more secure torrent methods, they can go the long run. 

The Tron network uses the Cryptocurrency named Tronix or TRX, which belongs to the few ERC-20 and able to make it to the main net. As per the 2021 stats, there are 4 million accounts in the Tron network.

  • EOS – EOS

There are a bunch of people who have come across some shortcomings of Euthereum are now shifting to EOS. This is why there is another name of EOS in the market, “The Ethereum Killer.” EOS is offering accessibility to develop account management services along with creating databases. Anyone can do it without having a piece of programming knowledge. 

For using the network, users no need to pay any gas fees. This also provides a centralized group of 21 gatekeepers, which approve transactions. The most surprising thing is that, though Bitcoin and Euthereum are the most popular Cryptocurrencies, the performance rate of EOS is much faster.  


The above mentioned five altcoins are performing well enough and are expected to experience a price rise, like Bitcoins. However, you also can choose or go for some other Cryptocurrencies that also have the potential to perform well. Such as

  • BAT or Basic Attention Token
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Binance Coin
  • Cardano
  • Tezos

As per your convenience, you can put your money in any of them.

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