Generating Lead with Video Marketing

Today, businesses are becoming savvier by basing their overall marketing strategy on video marketing. According to the most recent video marketing stats, above 81% of all businesses are employing video content in their marketing strategies. Besides, 66% of marketers’ earnings are gained from qualified leads generated from video. Visit to find out more about how you can do it, too.

Step-by-step guide of generating leads through video marketing

Analyzing the statistics, one can easily notice that video content is engaging and the best solution for improving lead generation, no matter what stage the clients may be in their buying journey. However, this doesn’t imply that all videos can generate qualified leads. This can happen only if the videos are created and employed so that their potential of attracting prospective customers is increased. Below are the seven most simple and actionable steps that you can follow when trying to generate leads with video marketing:

Defining and understanding your audience

Just before you start investing money and effort into video production, make sure you know the purpose behind each video. Defining your target audience is essential when trying to connect with your potential buyers and make an impact. Come up with a well-tailored video that’s powerful and based on your audience’s preferences and behavior. To put it more simply, as soon as you understand your target audience, you can create a video they relate to because it is engaging for them. Also, you end up knowing the type of videos that attract more viewers. This is the best way for you to generate leads with video marketing.

Make sure you have obvious and clear Call to Actions (CTA)

A compelling video that appeals to many can’t get you the leads and, thus, the sales that you’re going for if you also don’t provide guidance for your viewers after they have seen the video. You need to ask yourself just what you are interested in them doing: if you want them to buy your product or your aim is just to gain more visitors for your website, or perhaps to have more people subscribing to your newsletter. Therefore, you need your video to include clear Calls to Action. If your product or service has just been launched, make a product demo or an explainer video that features the catchiest CTA. This CTA has to be linked to a downloadable whitepaper, an eBook, or perhaps to the trial offers and manuals.

Don’t forget that Social Media is very powerful

At the moment, above 3.8 billion people from all over the world are using social media, so you can imagine the incredible opportunity that sharing your videos on social media brings you when it comes to gaining leads. When creating social media videos, put in them compelling content, which increases their chances of becoming viral. Besides, these types of videos also increase your followers’ engagement, which may lead to them to join your email list. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram also offer the option of paid advertising. Your target audience will notice you more if you post videos with advanced features. This will have you achieve the results you’re aiming for faster.

Place your video on landing pages

If you want to generate leads with a video, there’s another way of doing so, and that way is by placing video on landing pages, especially since these pages are very important for your website. Landing pages make it easier for your prospects to convert into customers because conversion is what they are designed for. Their design is simple and doesn’t feature too many distractions, so they’re different from your home page or promotional pages. They’re extremely powerful and much more efficient because of this simplicity, especially if you place your video in the right spot. This way, visitors get to focus more on the content and become more inclined to purchase if the presentation video they’re watching is convincing. If you are looking to convert potential customers of different ages, just use a straightforward, simple, and versatile explainer video for your landing page.

Your mail campaign should include an embedded personalized video

Email marketing can still generate leads. In fact, above 81% of small businesses rely on it as their primary customer acquisition channel. However, don’t think for a moment that it’s easy to convince every receiver of your email to actually open that email. When reaching out and doing your best with lead generation, make sure your email is appealing. This can easily be done if your videos are embedded in it. As a matter of fact, your click rates can increase by 96%, as people are more eager to open emails that contain a video.

Turn your videos into gated content

If you turn your videos into gated content, you are helping yourself get more leads, as people will be able to continue watching them after they have registered. This is a great tool to attract new customers and engage already existing ones.

Put testimonial videos on your website

The lead generation strategy of putting testimonial videos on your website is very powerful. It is among the strongest video marketing tools because customers tend to trust a product with online reviews more. If building trust is your goal, use video testimonials to increase your effectiveness rating by as much as 89%. Such videos could be placed on the homepage, the products or services pages of your website. After seeing a compelling video testimonial, your customers will trust you more, which translates into conversion, not to mention that people are more open to putting in their contact details when trusting the brand they’re interacting with.


If you are a marketer who isn’t afraid of going an extra mile by increasing your brand’s awareness and engagement with lead generation, then video is going to help you when it comes to retargeting, remarketing, or delivering your business’s message more clearly. You don’t have to create videos that could win awards to gain qualified leads. Just make sure your target audience relates to their content. Check this email finder extension, too, as it can as well help you build a cold email list and generate more leads with your marketing campaign.

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