8 Influencers and Celebs Who Flaunt Their Facetune Use

The days of celebrities and influencers pretending they naturally woke up flawless is coming to an end. 

Instead, they’re flaunting their use of Facetune, the iconic photo editing app. Nowadays, it’s more about celebrities having fun and showing off how they can edit themselves to look amazing using their phones – while still being confident in their natural faces. 

Check out these eight examples.

1. Tana Mongeau

It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say Tana Mongeau is one of the most successful internet personalities today. At only 22 years old, she’s famous for her “storytime” YouTube videos and her ability to provide her viewers with seemingly endless content.

A proud proponent of using the app, once tweeting in 2018, “people keep asking, so, my skin care routine !!!!!! it’s facetune. that’s it. that’s my skin care routine [sic].” She has also offered her followers a masterclass in how to use Facetune, proving she’s experienced at editing her own pics.

Mongeau is no stranger to controversy, having received negative comments over her excessive editing. But she doesn’t seem to let it bother her, continuing on openly using and praising Facetune as a way to edit her selfies.

2. Nikkie Tutorials 

Well-known beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials recently announced an official collab with Facetune in an awesome video detailing all her tips and tricks for using the app. She’s known for dramatic transformations and before/after videos, so this use is right up her street. 

In the video, she shows off both subtle and striking changes she makes to her skin, eyes, and even eyeshadow color to look her very best. 

She demonstrates that her talents lie both in perfecting the flick on her cat-eye – and cleaning up stray black marks using Facetune, too.

3. Chrissy Teigen

The queen of clapbacks has a slightly different use for Facetune. Instead of fixing up her own face, Teigen wielded it as a hilarious weapon against Callista Gingrich, as Newt Gingrich’s wife was caught Facetuning her own face, but not her husband’s.

“Get u a girl who will Facetune u both,” she posted on Twitter, going on to actually do Newt’s face for him using the app.

While this isn’t the same way other celebrities and influencers have used the app, it does show the extent to which it’s become the standard.

4. Khloe Kardashian

Everyone should already know of Khloe Kardashian. Although she’s one of the celebs people love to hate on for Facetune activity, the truth is that she openly embraces her use of the app! 

In the Chelsea Does Netflix documentary, she’s quoted as saying, “Facetune is the best thing to bring to the table. It’s life-changing… [i]t’s the only way to live.”

She doesn’t get too dramatic with her use of it, however. Primarily, she seems to use it as a way to touch up, clear up, and smooth away imperfections. Despite all the backlash she gets from haters, she is confident in the way she looks, as she should be.

5. MannyMUA

Another popular beauty guru on YouTube, MannyMUA has openly admitted he wakes up with pores and pimples like any other regular human. 

Instead of trying to pretend he’s perfect, he instead demonstrates how he can cover those up so that even on his off days, his selfies reflect him at his best.

His use of Facetune is subtle but effective, flawlessly elevating his normal selfies to a new level of beauty and gorgeous. He shares tips on how to keep it real while artificially altering your face.

6. Busy Phillips 

Actress Busy Phillips was probably one of the first to candidly discuss her use of Facetune. Way back in 2016, she posted an honest snap of herself before and after editing it, captioning the pic, “Sometimes you just need to Facetune the **** out of your picture and pretend it’s what you look like for the night.” 

In the picture, her skin was smoothed, and she had obviously edited away dark spots, pores, and blemishes.


Browsing the rest of her Instagram feed, you can see she’s the type of woman who’s unafraid to post an unedited and makeup-free selfie, too. She’s obviously happy and confident with the way she looks, but aware that sometimes, you just need to edit your selfie to feel better about yourself, too.

7. James Charles

This list would not be complete without James Charles, who is another content creator famous for his beauty guru skills with both makeup brushes and Facetune. He is so open about his use of Facetune that he’s actually made several videos about how best to use Facetune, like this one in which he coaches his viewers on taking selfies from “drab to fab.” 

Perhaps because he built his brand on authentically using it, rather than posting mysteriously perfect pictures without comment, he hasn’t seemed to have received as much flak for his use of Facetune. His viewers appreciate his honesty – one of his more popular videos was actually him Facetuning his followers’ selfies for them. 

He calls himself the “Queen of Facetune,” and the title is well-deserved.

8. Molly-Mae Hague

It’s not just Americans and Netherlandish folks who are proudly using Facetune. Hague, a famous YouTuber and Instagrammer who went on the UK’s Love Island in 2019, has also been transparent about how she uses the app

Her editing regimen is notable because it doesn’t just involve making her face and body look better, but actually going so far as to fix imperfections in her surrounding areas as well, like editing out a phone charger. 

Many of the comments on her video were positive, with viewers praising her honesty and transparency compared to influencers who use but don’t disclose their use of Facetune. As she showed the full process from makeup free face all the way to flawless Instagram selfie, it’s easy to see that using the app is a skill she’s developed and is proud of.

Nothing to Hide

Celebrities and influencers are being less embarrassed and more honest about how they use Facetune to edit their pictures – and those of others! It’s no longer something to hide, but rather a skill to perfect and develop, just as much a part of the beauty process as hair, makeup, and eyelashes.

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