This Bloody Halloween Display May Be the Most Gruesome, But Impressive Ever

What is the best Halloween display you have ever seen? Whatever it may be, it likely has nothing on an incredible, bloody Halloween display that was put up by Steven Novak, a local artist in Dallas, Texas.

Novak put together a remarkable display with multiple dummies, severed limbs, and 20 gallons of “blood” that was poured across the scene.

It is such a gruesome scene that cops have been called to check it out on multiple occasions.

“I’ve always been up to high jinks like flying ghosts or 7-foot-tall snow sculptures of myself, so if I was gonna do Halloween, it was obvious that it should be hyperreal,” Novak told the Dallas Observer. “No lights, fog machine, or camp … something that would really freak people out walking by in the dark. So I whipped up some dummies and slung 20 gallons of blood all over.

“I’m most proud of the wheelbarrow tipped over by the street full of Hefty bags, looking like a failed attempt to dispose of the dismembered bodies in the middle of the night. A kid walked by and asked me what happened to them; I said they ate too many Skittles.”

He continued, “Neighbors told me cop cars were in front of my house a lot during the day. I was only home twice to receive them. They told me they thought it was cool and that they were only there because they were required to reply to complaints from the sergeant.”

What would you do if you came across this bloody scene? Would you be impressed or scared for your life? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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