College Student Fined $8,500 For Breaking Quarantine Was Busted on Instagram

Be careful what you post on social media because it is one of the most common ways for students to be busted for breaking simple rules. Just ask 22-year-old Carys Ann Ingram.

Ingram, who had been self-isolating at her family’s home, was fined $8,500 after it was revealed that she went on a shopping spree instead.

According to Metro UK, Ingram was ordered to self-isolate after being informed that she was near an infected traveler on a flight from Manchester but instead went on a night out. The wildest part of the story? Ingram ratter herself out.

The reason Ingram was ultimately busted was because of photos she shared on Instagram.

“It is regrettable that someone should endanger the health of other Islanders after being informed of the need to self-isolate,” Caroline Maffia, from the contact tracing team, said. “This fine demonstrates that we will pursue prosecution for those found flouting the law.”

What’s really wild is that Ingram could have served six months in jail for breaking quarantine rules.

Instead, she simply agreed to pay the $8,500 fine and pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching self-isolation. And people thought that the lockdown and quarantine laws in the United States were strict.

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