8 Most Exciting Innovations in Education in 2020

The educational sector is indeed one of the fastest developing industries. Over the past decades, the overall idea of education, teaching, and academic standards has been transforming at a rapid pace. Along with technological progress, the approaches to teaching and learning have gotten more modernized, interactive, effective, and much more fun!

However, even now, when it may seem like we’ve seen plenty of changes in this industry, there are still many exciting innovations introduced every year. And, at this point, we can’t even fully imagine what else the future holds.

2020’s Top 8 Innovations in Education

Today, it is neither new nor rare to observe a more diversified and open-minded approach to education. Also, the use of interactive devices and the Internet can’t surprise us anymore. And even the fact that modern students have tons of handy studying tools, software, online essay writers or tutors, virtual assistance, and all this sort of things is not new to us. But, does this mean that there are no more innovations left? No, not at all!

ELearning & Video Streaming

We know what you are probably thinking now – neither e-learning nor video streaming is something entirely new. That’s true. But, previously, these both technologies didn’t find such a wide application in education. Whereas in 2020, due to an unprecedented global pandemic, online learning became a new big word in traditional education.

Forced to adhere to strict quarantine measures, schools across the world had to leverage the Internet medium in order not to put the entire academic program on hold. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector of online learning is on its rise. And this is predicted to change education forever.

More than 1.2 billion kids are forced to study from home. Studies show that online learning turned out to be more effective in terms of knowledge retention and time-efficiency. Thus, specialists believe that these changes might be here to stay even after the pandemic.

Cloud Technology

Another big term in the industry is cloud technology. Thanks to it, different learning resources and materials are becoming available for everyone in any part of the globe. Once again, this is not a completely new concept. But, in light of the recent worldwide events, this technology is vital and trending as never.


This year, AR and VR are also leaving a large footprint on the industry. These innovative technologies are probably the most exciting trends we’ve seen in the education field in a while.

Bringing the concepts of augmented and virtual reality into the classrooms has many benefits. First of all, it is fun and exciting. It has been proven that students of different ages get more involved in a class when such technologies are used. AR and VR offer an exciting, immersing experience for learners.

One of the most recent and exciting examples of the use of these technologies for learning is a remote VR math lesson held by one teacher using a trending game – Half-Life: Alyx. Such an unusual, gamified learning experience surely brings benefits.

VR Headset


Artificial Intelligence

There’s been a lot of discussions concerning this technology. It is clear as day that AI is the future of education. Thus, this point can’t be avoided when speaking of innovations.

Currently, AI finds applications at schools mostly for boosting personalization and automating different processes. However, we believe that it can have many other roles in this field once it is fully implemented.


Another extremely thrilling innovation is the introduction of robotics in the curriculum. Such an approach turns out to be extremely beneficial for students in the STEM division.

Specialists claim that robotics have the potential to increase the engagement and motivation of students. At the same time, it boosts information retention. Finally, having an opportunity to design robots increases students’ creativity and critical thinking.


The use of biometric technologies in educational facilities is just gaining momentum. This innovation has the potential to improve discipline and streamline education. Basically, biometric systems that can be leveraged by schools can consist of the following features:

  • Facial recognition;
  • Voice recognition;
  • Fingerprints;
  • Eye-tracking.

All these tools will come in handy in many situations. Firstly, it is a new, modern way to track attendance. Also, these tools can be used to maintain discipline and prevent cheating. And there are many other potential uses!

3D Printing

3D printers caused a big bang in many different industries. Now, this technology is taking schools by storm. Although it is not yet widely adopted, 3D printing expands the horizons for teaching and studying. With its help, teachers can convey materials through real 3D models. This is not only interesting and engaging for students. In fact, physical 3D models can make it much easier to explain and understand complex topics and concepts. So it is another exciting innovation.

Social Media

Last but not least, it’s needless to say how much young people love social media. On average, people in the US spend about 2 hours on social media every day. Respectively, such information channels have a significant impact on us, and especially on young minds. Thus, it seems quite logical to start using this to the benefit of education.

In 2020, the impact and possible benefits of social media are finally recognized. Teachers and school authorities are taking steps to adopt such channels and make them a part of the curriculum.

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