Man Charged With Assault After Farting in Uber

One man in the United Kingdom has landed in some legal trouble after failing to practice common courtesy during an Uber ride.

According to a report from Bristol Live, 35-year-old James Mallett has been charged with assault after farting in his Uber ride and striking the driver after a confrontation followed.

The Uber driver, Aleksander Bonchev, claims that he asked Mallett to exit the vehicle after farting during a ride home from the nightclub. The driver claims Mallett, who was “plainly intoxicated,” then punched the driver in the head. The driver responded by striking Mallett back before he was encountered by the police.

Prosecutor James Scutt said Mallett was located with a “cut on his bottom lip.”

The assault landed Nakkett a six-month jail term, $650 fine, and 120 hours of community service.

Unfortunately for Bonchev, he would go on to lose his job due to a broken finger suffered during the scuffle that left him unable to drive his Uber.

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