WATCH: The ‘Borat 2’ Trailer is Officially Here

Very nice! After plenty of anticipation, the trailer for “Borat 2” — officially titled Borat: Subsequent Film — is finally here. The trailer dropped on Thursday, October 1, and it delivers the classic antics we were expecting and hoping for.

Borat: Subsequent Film was filmed in secret over the summer and is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday, October 23.

In one scene, Sacha Baron Cohen can be seen dressed up as Donald Trump as he crashes a speech by Vice President Mike Pence. Cohen crashes the speech with a “gift” for Pence, which happens to be his “daughter.”

“Michael Penis, I brought the girl for you!” he yells during the speech.

Check out the trailer below.

Earlier this summer, rumors began to build about the upcoming film after Cohen was captured crashing a far-right rally and getting the crowd to sing along to a racist song.

Cohen disguised himself as a country singer who led a racist sing-along in Olympia Washington at the “March for Our Rights 3” rally which was led by the far-right militia known as the Washington Three Percenters.

To start the prank, Cohen disguised himself as a PAC leader who was trying to sponsor the rally. After being successful, Cohen had his security block off the stage and protect the power so that his stunt could not be derailed. That is when the “country singer” took the stage.

Cohen led the song which took jabs at Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the “Wuhan Flu.”

We will have to see if that makes the cut.

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