Is Online Dating Good or Bad for Modern Relationships?

There can be little doubt about the benefits of Internet dating. In terms of sheer convenience, singles now have so much freedom to shape their relationships, selecting the best dating sites, like Flingster, to sign up to, browsing through lists of prospective partners before choosing who to reach out to. They can also find out so much more about someone’s background before committing to anything. In comparison, traditional offline dating was sometimes much more of a lottery. But is everything about online dating so positive? As with any other subject, there are good aspects, but also negative ones. Overall, the former prevails. But what is the bigger picture?

Compatibility is much more achievable

One of the most flexible aspects of Internet dating is the way that it allows singles to be much more precise in tracking down the ideal partner. Previously, you would have had no way of knowing that much about any of the random people you happened to bump into when you were hanging around in singles bars. Now the first thing you can do after signing up to a dating site is gain access to the profiles of a wide range of individuals. This allows you to look into their hobbies and interests to determine what you have in common.

Certain groups have benefitted

Dating sites can now be broken down into a wide variety of different outlets for a host of diverse categories. Generic sites are catering for huge memberships, but there are also far more niche platforms for everything from bisexual dating to interracial relationships, Asian dating to lesbian singles, specialized on a long-term relationship or local hookup  and practically any other topic you could imagine. This has been particularly beneficial for the LGBTQ community who were perhaps a little more restricted in the outlets where they could go to meet partners. Now there are entire sites dedicated to this preference.

Dating sites are so convenient

One area where modern relationships benefit from dating is in sheer convenience. Most of the major dating outlets now have app versions that will seamlessly integrate with all the other icons on anyone’s smart device or tablet. The websites themselves are open to customers 24/7 meaning that modern singles can now arrange their love life within the tap of a few buttons, allowing this aspect of their lives to fit in with other timetables. The downside of this is that they can be too convenient, always within easy access. Many people find it difficult to resist the urge to constantly check their inboxes for messages.

Users can be a nuisance

Another outstanding aspect of online dating is the way users are empowered to take charge of their destinies. As you are browsing through lists of other singles, you decide who to get in touch with. One problem area exists when other suitors exercise the same functionality. It could be the case that you have decided you would like to move on from another single you have been connecting with, but the same message hasn’t quite sunk in with them. They can become persistently annoying. Your only recourse would be to block them; ultimately, to report them to site admin.

Users can be outright antisocial

A minority of individuals take advantage of the good nature of other members of dating sites for activities that have nothing to do with dating. They can even create a fake persona – catfishing – so that they can warm the way into someone’s affections for all the wrong reasons, such as phishing for personal bank details or passwords. Obviously these are extreme examples – and websites go to great lengths to assure members’ of a secure and safe experience.

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