WATCH: Wine Store Karen Loses Mind; Smashes Bottles Over COVID Policy

It’s been a while, but this time we are back with the latest installment of “Karens Gone Wild” after a woman in Surrey, England had a complete meltdown. The woman was shopping for wine in the local grocery store when she decided she did not need to comply with the store’s COVID-19 safety precautions.

TMZ first shared the surveillance footage which captured the entire incident on tape.

The woman was approached by workers in the store for ignoring a one-way system that was in place in order to enforce social distancing. The woman wasn’t happy, so she decides to wreak havoc on the store by smashing two entire shelves of wine bottles and leaving a mess for employees to clean up.

Understandably, the woman was banned from the store and was later arrested for criminal damage and public order.

You can check out the wild video below.

This is just the latest incident of “Karens Gone Wild” that surfaced on social media since quarantine which includes a woman breaking down over an egg McMuffin, cops being called on a black man birdwatching in Central Park, a woman getting slapped for telling a customer to ‘go back to Mexico’, and so much more which you can check out below.

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