7 Casino Game Variants You May Never Have Considered – Or Heard Of

The online casino industry continues to experience exponential growth. According to Statista, the size of the global iGaming marketplace is expected to be worth upwards of $94 billion by 2024. While casino gaming celebrates and embraces traditional card games, it’s becoming increasingly important for the sector to usher in new game variants that offer mainstream appeal to the next generation of gamers.

Conventional blackjack and roulette games will always have a place in the online casino world. The “nostalgia factor” is rooted in all aspects of the gaming industry. Nevertheless, the seven following game variants are rapidly growing in popularity and could be an ideal alternative for those looking to switch-up their casino gameplay.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Inspired by the classic card game of poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a fascinating card game which is played between you and the dealer. Each player is required to place “Ante” and “Blind” bets before the game begins. The dealer then deals two cards to both the player and themselves. The dealer then deals five “community” cards, just as you’d find in a game of Texas Hold’em poker.

The aim of the game is for players to make a higher-ranking five-card poker hand than the dealer. Once you have received your cards, it’s possible to place an additional “Play” bet on top of your Ante and Blind if you believe your cards can help make a winning hand. The dealer must be able to make at least a pair using the community cards to have a qualifying hand.

Zappit Blackjack

There is no doubt that blackjack continues to attract players to online casinos in their droves. That’s why the leading online casino operators invest heavily in developing new and exciting blackjack variants. 888casino is one such platform that is continually expanding its portfolio of available blackjack games. Zappit Blackjack is one of its newest additions, while its live-streamed blackjack tables are also adding another layer of immersion for gamers, cementing it as the best online casino in Canada and North America. Having first opened its door to online casino players in 1997, it’s clear they have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the best blackjack variants.

The essence of Zappit Blackjack is that players are given the option of “zapping” i.e. eliminating cards from their hand. Once eliminated, these cards are then replaced with new random cards from the deck. It’s a great opportunity for players to get rid of hands valued between 15-17 that are marginal decisions on hitting and standing.

Lightning Roulette

If you feel the need to supercharge your roulette action, look no further than the Lightning Roulette tables. These single zero roulette tables take immersive roulette to a whole new level, underpinned by high-definition (HD) live streaming of the action by professionally trained dealers. With every round of betting, up to five random numbers on the roulette table are giving a “lightning” boost, applying extra multipliers to these numbers worth between 50x and 500x your initial stake.

This is a sizeable jump in payouts when you consider that the maximum you can win in an original game of European Roulette is 35/1 on a single number. Ultimately, the key is to spread your bets around the table in the hope that one of your selections is selected as a “lightning” number for the next game.

Dream Catcher


Caption: The essence of the live dealer Dream Catcher is similar to Spin-N-Win

Have you ever watched Wheel of Fortune? You know, the classic television gameshow where the fate of contestants is decided solely by the spin of a wheel? Dream Catcher is a live casino game variant that has recently captured the imagination of online casino players across the globe.

It’s a game with extremely simple rules, which opens it up to a wider demographic of online casino players. A live gameshow dealer invites players to place bets on the wheel landing on different segments of the Dream Catcher money wheel. Each segment is worth a multiplier payout, with payouts ranging from 1x through to 40x. Naturally, there are fewer 40x segments than 1x segments, but there are other segments such as 2x, 5x, 10x and 20x that you can land on and win too. There’s even 2x and 7x bonus spin multiplier segments that can turbocharge the size of your winnings further.

Rush Bingo

If you enjoy a spot of bingo, but you are strapped for time, Rush Bingo could be the perfect solution for you. With fast-paced action aplenty, Rush Bingo allows you to play many more games of bingo in a shorter space of time. 90-ball games begin every two-and-a-half minutes, so the balls come out of the machine thick and fast.

Rush Bingo is played in the same way as conventional 90-ball bingo games, only faster. You’ll be able to play for lines, two lines and then straight-up full houses. The unique feature of Rush Bingo is the ability to bet on the number that will be used to call “house”. You can bet on specific numbers, whether it will be odd or even or if it will be higher or lower than 46.

Blackjack Switch

There is another popular blackjack table game variant that’s been in existence since 2009. Created by gaming entrepreneur Geoff Hall, Blackjack Switch has become a staple variant in the leading online casinos – as well as land-based casino floors. A typical game of Blackjack Switch begins in the same way as a classic game of Blackjack, except that players are dealt two hands instead of one.

It’s possible to change the second card dealt to either hand, if you want to improve a marginal original hand given to you by the dealer. These games are usually played across six or eight decks and the other trade-off is that the dealer is permitted to play up to 22, resulting in a push against hands worth 21 or less, although blackjack hands will still defeat a dealer’s 22.

Sic Bo

Although Sic Bo is a dice game that dates back to ancient China, it’s still a relatively new table game variant in the western world. If you enjoy playing classic dice games like Craps, you should certainly give Sic Bo a try. Played using three dice, players place their bets on the possible outcome of all three dice, with the chance to bet on doubles, triples, and the value of single respective dice.

The house edge of a Sic Bo game can vary wildly, depending on what you bet on. It can be as low as 3% but as high as 33% if you go for particularly volatile outside bets. Hopefully, this has opened your eyes to the raft of new, creative casino games you can sample online to keep your betting fun and exciting

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