11-Year-Old Boy Drives Grandma to Hospital in Her Mercedes-Benz

PJ Brewer-Laye, an 11-year-old boy from Indianapolis, jumped into action last week when he noticed his grandmother falling ill. PJ was driving up and down the street in his go-kart when his grandmother Angela Brewer-Laye began filling ill and was struggling to stand.

That’s when PJ drove his go-kart home to switch it out for an adult vehicle.

According to 11Alive, PJ swapped out his go-kart for his grandmother’s Mercedes-Benz and picked her up before driving her to the hospital.

“I was leaning against the stop sign, and all of a sudden, I look to my right, and I see my car — my Mercedes-Benz coming towards me. Just in an easy, calm, manner, it was coming towards me,”Angela told the news outlet. “I looked in the car. It was him — it was PJ.

“This child is only 11 years old and drives like a pro. He always rides either his four-wheeler, go-kart or his dirt bike while I’m trying to get a little exercise in.”

PJ’s grandmother says that the boy is always driving around the neighborhood in more age-appropriate vehicles, but he does have experience behind the wheel of actual cars in the driveway and yard under his grandfather’s supervision.

All of that experience appears to have paid off as he was “calm and collected” during the entire emergency.

“He drove me home, and he pulled in the driveway. And when I say he pulled in the driveway so precise, because my driveway is kind of narrow … He didn’t go up the curb, in the grass, nothing. He pulled in the driveway, in the garage, and helped me out the car,” Angela said. “He’s an extra special little boy and he doesn’t ask for anything in return.”

What a young legend.

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