Are Instagram Models Considered Real Models?

Social media, especially Instagram, has revolutionized the modeling industry. When browsing Instagram, you don’t have to look far before you come across these “Instagram models.”

An Instagram model is a person who has gained popularity from the Instagram platform through headshots, poses, and other creative fashion showcases. These models use the photo and video sharing platform to showcase their work, define the personality behind the well-posed pictures, and build a portfolio with remarkable global reach.

Most Instagram models have social media marketing skills and work with brands and modeling agencies. Many companies capitalize on the vast social media followings of the Instagram models to market products, such as cosmetics, fitness equipment, fashion products, and even gambling platforms, like Goldenslot.

Brands capitalize on the trend that if women with “perfect” body, skin, teeth, and hair endorse a product that helps the consumer achieve such features, people will be more likely to purchase it.

Are these Instagram influencers real supermodels, though? While there are common features, Instagram models and traditional models are not the same. There are some glaring differences between the two, as outlined below.

Social Media Presence

Both Instagram models and supermodels have a massive social media following, but for different reasons. The Instagram model’s success largely depends on her social media following. The same is not true for career models.

Traditional models acquire jobs through casting calls and auditions. Instagram models usually secure their gigs from advertisers looking for a specific personality to market products online.

Ease of Entry

Anyone can be an Instagram model today because this type of modeling has few restrictions. IG models only need to follow Google and Instagram rules to remain active for a long period. If you have a significant social following and develop a notable brand with valuable content, you can be an Instagram model.

Traditional models have stricter rules they must follow regarding body and brand. If they fail to meet these restrictions, these models can ruin their reputation and risk losing future gigs from high-end modeling agencies.


When it comes to earnings, Instagram models rank higher than today’s traditional models. In just a few posts, IG models earn the same amount that traditional models make in a week of grueling performances.

IG models with at least one million followers earn thousands of dollars for a single post when there is product promotion involved. While these types of models have no fixed salary, they still make millions of dollars per year.

Success Rate

In today’s digital world, Instagram modeling boasts a higher success rate than mainstream counterparts. Most of today’s youngsters prefer Instagram modeling because it’s easier to start and become successful. Traditional models do everything themselves, and there’s no guarantee for success among the tight competition.

Instagram models are not real models. While both types have large social media followings, Instagram models are under fewer restrictions for building a successful personal brand. It’s easier to become an Instagram model, and they have a higher success rate, and more money compared to traditional models.

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