Jacob Blake Protests: 2 Protestors Shot & Killed; Others Injured

Protests continue in Wisconsin following the death of Jacob Blake Jr., who was shot in the back at least 7 times by an officer in the Kenosha Police Department. On Tuesday night, the protests turned violent.

According to a report from the New York Times, two protestors are dead and at least one more is injured after being shot during a clash between the protestors and an armed militia that claimed it was protecting a local gas station.

Video surfaced online which shows a man armed with a long rifle falling to the ground before he begins open-firing at protestors nearby.

WARNING: Graphic content

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports one man was shot in the arm and another was shot in the chest. There is another video that shows a man who witnesses are treating after saying he was shot in the head. Police are searching for the man who was seen with the rifle.

Blake was shot on Sunday while walking away from police officers when he made his way around the front of the car. Blake then attempted to enter his vehicle, before the officer grabbed his shirt and began unloading rounds into the victim. He was flown to the hospital where he is reportedly in serious condition. Cops initially arrived at the scene as Blake was attempting to break up a fight between two women.

Blake is apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, ‘Segoe UI’, Roboto, Oxygen-Sans, Ubuntu, Cantarell, ‘Helvetica Neue’, sans-serif”>out of surgery and in the ICU, according to TMZ.

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