What We Love About the Horse Races

With a history dating back to the 12th Century when the crusaders brought the sport to British shores, horse racing is second only to football as the UK’s favorite spectator sport. And in 2019 alone, more than 5.6 million people stood in the stands at racecourses around the country to cheer on their favourite. So, what is it that makes the Sport of Kings special? We take a look at what we love about horse races.

It’s a thrilling form of entertainment

There’s no denying the adrenalin rush you get from watching a horse race up close and personal and cheering yourself hoarse as your favourite jockey romps past the winning post. And the atmosphere in the crowds on race day, especially at a special meet or festival, can be electric, making it a day to remember.

The fun of trackside betting

With horse racing you also get the chance to live bet at the track with the main NAP today, which you can’t do at most other sporting events. Trackside betting is also affordable, as long as you gamble responsibly and wagering on a live race adds an extra thrill to a wonderful day out with family or friends.

Tradition and glamour

We Brits love tradition and there’s nothing like the pomp and glamour that comes with a day at the races. From the regal sophistication of Royal Ascot to the prestige and excitement of the Grand National, horse racing offers something for everyone. And we all love the chance to dress up, and with a host of fashion-led Ladies Days and special occasions offered by horse racing in the UK, there’s simply no excuse not to get out your race day best.

It’s accessible and affordable

With a range of different betting options available at the races, you don’t have to break the bank if you just want a little fun at the races. At the trackside, the racegoer can choose to place a fun bet or really study the form. And with the betting odds often changing right up to the start of the race, there’s that extra thrill of making a well-timed bet and potentially scooping that winner!

The beauty of the horses

Thoroughbred horses are the ultimate equine athletes and their power and speed is awesome to witness as they thunder around the racetrack. And when you realise that all of these majestic animals originated from one of three stallions that sired the breed, the occasion seems all the more special.

At the races you can get the chance to see first-hand these stunning animals up close and personal in the parade ring before the race and truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a winner.

The ultimate social event

Horse racing is one of the most sociable sporting events, mixing the thrilling action on the racetrack with hospitality and off-track celebrations.  And the sport attracts a diverse audience to create that electric, party atmosphere making a day at the races a sporting event like no other. In short, you get a vibrant occasion to enjoy with your friends or family, punctuated by short, adrenalin-fuelled, awe-inspiring races. And that is something to raise your hopefully winning hat at!

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