How To Find Legal Online Casinos

Lately, there are a lot of ads on television, and also on the internet, that encourage you to play in online casinos. Casinos that have the same games as the casinos of a lifetime, face-to-face, but which can be played from home, quietly and in pajamas if you want. They are very easy to access, and the truth is that they look outstanding. 

But are they safe? What’s more, are they legal? Well, the vast majority do, especially those that are advertised on TV, that is, the most famous. But you have to be careful. There is everything on the internet, and casinos are no exception. That is why we have prepared a guide so that you can perfectly distinguish between a legal online casino and one that is not.

At a time when in many European countries (not to mention most) governments have enacted legislation on online gambling sites and casinos, this is not just about collecting real money from gambling taxation but also protecting the consumers from the poor and uncontrolled operation of online gambling service providers.


Main points to consider to find a legal online casino:

  1. Is it licensed?
  2. Does the web offer security?
  3. What payment methods do you have available?
  4. Are the games safe and reliable?

Do they have a license?

This is the key point when it comes to knowing if the casino that we have found in Google is a casino is legal or not. The government agencies of a country generally grant the license. To obtain this license, the casino in question must pass a series of inspections to ensure that it complies with the requirements that the state requests. The first of all of them is to have an .us type domain. All online casinos that are licensed have this type of domain. So if you find a casino that has another domain, including .com, it is not licensed. This does not imply that it is not a secure casino; it simply means that it is not licensed.

The second condition is that it is a totally secure casino that it is exposed to external audits from time to time to ensure that the necessary security conditions continue to exist to continue having the license.

The third condition is for all the games to be created under RNG software (random number generator), that is, that the program with which they work generates totally random results and therefore cannot be predicted, nor they can be manipulated by anything or anyone from inside the online casino or from outside. This very important to check whether you would like to play roulette in online casino Philippines, or any other game anywhere else.

These are the three most important conditions that a country sets, but they are not the only ones, of course. In fact, it can be said that some European countries have some of the toughest legislation regarding online casinos, so it can be ensured that all licensed casino is 100% safe and reliable. And of course, as its name suggests, also legal.


Does the online casino web offer security?

One of the things we have to check is if the website where the casino is located is safe. To do this, security standards have been created to check whether the different websites exceed them thanks to security certifications. In summary, all legal online casinos have a padlock in the address bar that ensures that the web is secure. 

If we click on it, we will know which company certifies the security of that website. In the same way, thanks to that padlock, we can ensure that the web is what it claims to be and not a copy. You have to be careful about that since phishing is one of the most used methods by hackers to get users’ personal and bank details.

What payment methods do you have available?

This is very important. The time to pay must be totally safe. For this reason, all casinos that are legal in your country, and that are therefore safe, make completely reliable payment methods available to players. That is, they are the same that we have available in online stores like Amazon. All of them are safe, of course, although you always have to choose the one that allows you to be more comfortable.

Are the games safe and reliable?

Yes, if the online casinos are licensed, each and every one of the games available is safe and reliable first, because they pass reviews from time to time, both by the state and by external auditors. These audits issue certificates that guarantee the safety of all games. Their lives are going at it, literally. If a casino offers the slightest doubt that there may be some kind of failure, or that some game can be manipulated in any way, however small that uncertainty may be, that the casino will disappear forever. Players’ confidence in a casino is essential to their survival. If trust is lost,  goodbye casino.

That’s why they take great care to offer 100% reliable and safe games. As we said before, your software always generates random results, of course, following the rules of the game, which prevent us from knowing which card will be the next to come out in Blackjack, or what number will come out in roulette. And of course, the same thing happens in slots, always respecting the RTP, that is, the Theoretical Return to the player that each one of them has.

This RTP is important to know which game is more ‘grateful’ to the players. In the case of slot machines and all casino games, it is measured in a percentage that indicates the amount of money that is returned from every $ 100 played. Thus, if a slot machine has an RTP of 96%, it means that, after thousands of spins, the slot machine returns $ 96 for every $100 wagered. Well, this is also followed to the letter, since the software is programmed to fulfill it.

Online casino regulations

Before you start playing, read the Rules and Casino Terms. By registering an account at the selected casino, you will have to accept them, so it’s good to know what you agree to.

Online casinos usually offer new players welcome casino bonuses, the receipt of which is also subject to certain conditions and rules – they are also worth getting acquainted with before you start playing.

What can happen if I don’t play in a legal online casino?

From time to time, various stories have been heard about what happened to players who did not pay attention and trusted casinos that were not legally licensed. The truth is, however, that many casinos may not have been licensed in a European country by a local audit agency and may not be operating legally in that country. But they may still be reputable organizations with international experience and recognition and licenses in other countries. In other cases, of course, in most cases, it is very likely that the state that has imposed the operating licenses will have blocked access to casinos that do not have operating licenses. Therefore the player will not be able to choose one anyway.

Many times players may find themselves visiting a casino that is not operating legally. However, still, access to it has not been blocked by the state. So it would be good for players to pay attention to the points mentioned in the previous paragraph. If they see that the casino is not operating under the legal status of that country, it would be good to avoid playing in it and look for one of those that have relevant licensing.

The ultimate consequence

And there is a reason for that. At any time, the state may block access, and the player may not be able to play in this casino anymore, as a result of which his money will be lost. It is also possible that in this casino, it has not been properly checked by any international organization and has no credibility so that its money is still in danger. There have been such examples in the past, and that’s why it’s worth your attention. 

It is also possible that a casino that does not operate legally does not have the appropriate, necessary conditions and customer services for the country you have chosen to live in. For example, a casino that does not operate legally in France is very likely to have no French customer service or even pages translated into French.

However, with the levels of information that one may have today like this list of best slots games, we are convinced that it will be difficult to make a wrong choice. There are plenty of legitimate casinos to choose from, many of which offer fantastic opportunities for players, so we don’t see any reason to risk even the slightest bit. All you have to do is do a little research.


In summary, if you want to know if a casino is legal in your country, which also implies that it is reliable and safe, you only have to pay attention to the fact that it has the seal corresponding to the gaming license and that it has .us type domain. This is the coolest way to identify them. If a casino is legal in your country, it is safe and reliable.

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