Funny Stories About Spam You Didn’t Know

Newsletters on social networks, e-mails, pop-ups, and running lines – you can see all these annoying ads on almost every site and this is spam. Eventually, there are those who celebrate an interesting holiday called “Spam Day.” Read the story of how it became real below.

New Approach in Marketing

Nowadays, many Internet users successfully get rid of annoying content thanks to services. However, during the late 70s, American citizens couldn’t even imagine that spam would become such a big challenge for their kids. It seemed to be a new marketing tool, while the community of Internet users was many times less than today.

The founder of “spam” is the American company DEC that sent about 400 advertising emails to its customers in 1978. The word “spam” itself comes from the name of the company “Spiced ham” that produced canned pork. In the postwar period, there were a lot of such products with the expiring shelf life. So, the company began active and intrusive advertising of its products. In the end, with a minimum effort, this step helped the company earn $13 million.

Now spam has become a real problem, but nevertheless, some people celebrate the “Spam Day.” Internet users are making jokes and even write some poetry related to spam. There are some funny examples familiar to millions of email clients.

Funny Spam Examples

You can read about many interesting examples of how people used spam in various spheres of lives:

1) Politics

In 2012, Barack Obama’s team raised $690 million through email-spamming for the presidential campaign. In letters, the President asked Americans to donate from $3, so each participant could win a dinner with Obama. For mailing, the President’s team tested 500 options of letters and landing pages in order to understand how people react to certain messages.

2) Prison Escape

In 2015, prisoner Neil Moore created a domain similar to the address of the London Court’s official website. The Englishman sent a letter to the prison administration from this fake mailbox. In the message, he announced the posting of pledge and ordered to release himself from prison. Finally, Neil Moore was convicted of fraud.

3) Cartoons

In The Simpsons episode “The Dad Who Knew Too Little,” Homer’s email address was revealed. Until 2003, the cartoon series scriptwriter responded to fan letters. Later, Homer’s email was hacked and used for delivery of malicious letters, in which they promised to open access to a new episode of The Simpsons.

In Conclusion

Unlike Bill Gates announced in 2004, no one can completely eliminate spam mailing. There is one more thing you need to know: do not reply to such messages, otherwise, you will only confirm that the mail is up-to-date and it works and you will receive even more such messages with spam. 


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