WATCH: BBC Reporter Thrown to Floor as Beirut Blast Rocks Office in Live Interview

A shocking video shows the moment a BBC reporter was thrown to the ground during a live interview after the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday, August 4. BBC Arabic journalist Maryam Toumi was live on-air when the explosion rocked her office.

In the stunning video, you can see Toumi being thrown from her desk as the camera captures debris and glass flying across the office as she screams and Faisal Al Assil, the head of the Moroccan Agency of Sustainable Energy who she had been interviewing, watches in shock of what he was seeing.

Quentin Sommerville, a colleague of Toumi’s and follow BBC Middle East Correspondent, noted that “all our staff are safe and accounted for.”

Here is the footage:

The explosion in Beirut has killed at least 100 people with thousands more injured, according to the latest reports. A stock of ammonium nitrate is believed to have sparked the deadly explosion in Lebanon’s capital. Lebanon’s government has agreed to place all Beirut port officials who have overseen storage and security since 2014 under house arrest, according to a Reuters report.

“It is negligence,” a source told the news outlet, “nothing was done” to remove or dispose of the material.

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