Top Art and Design Colleges in Washington

You have already made up your mind about what job you would like to do in the future, and now it’s time to pick up the college you will enroll in. We call your attention to selecting the best art and design colleges in Washington that accept applicants from all over the world.

Central Washington University

This large public university is located in a far away town in a picturesque place. It offers more than 45 educational programs in art and design. The establishment can boast a great number of students with high academic achievements who could get them without constant collaboration with academic writers online. It’s probably because of the lack of theoretical tasks but because students’ activity focuses on practical knowledge.

University of Puget Sound

It’s a small private university. The experienced teaching staff strives to provide quality education and a chance to rise new challenges with dignity to each student. Puget Sound offers a launchpad for enthusiasts and professionals. The motto of the university is “To The Heights,” and there’s nothing more to add.

Gonzaga University

The university has a high rate in the list of private Catholic institutions. Along with Art and Design, applicants can try their efforts in Business, Medicine, Biology, and Engineering. According to statistics, only 65% of applicants out of 100% are enrolled annually. The high results of alumni allow them to get a well-paid job immediately after graduation.

Seattle Pacific University

The university offers a great number of studying programs in various subjects, and only 5 of them are in Art and Design. But every day, that doesn’t prevent the admission board from filtering a few hundreds of students who are willing to master art skills at this establishment. The acceptance rate is 90%, and students with a high school GPA are welcome.

Cornish College of Arts

The most popular degrees that students earn here are dancing, drama, fine arts, music performance, and technical theatre. Students study hard enough at Cornish College, and if you want to get some rest, there are a lot of extracurricular activities, fraternities, and sororities. To become a newcomer, you should have a high school GPA and be ready to write an impressive application essay.

Spoken Falls Community College

You can apply both offline or online education. Both of them are considered quality. The majors are Marketing, Business, Liberal Arts and Humanities, Arts, and Design. Each year the college accepts over 4,000 students, including international ones. The college can boast of its large library with a great number of educational literature and fiction to satisfy each taste.

Whitman College

Hard science is challenging for you if whenever you get your assignment, you realize that you won’t do it on your own and ask an academic helper, “Please, do my math hw for me.” Is that situation familiar? Then, Whitman College is waiting for you to prove that art is really what you need. The college offers about 10 educational programs in Arts and Design. As a bonus, you could enjoy a beautiful landscape and nature as the campus is situated in the most picturesque place you have ever seen.

Western Washington University

The university attracts more and more students each year as it provides a high level of education. Some celebrities have mentioned in their interviews that they graduated from this establishment. Among them, there are Brett Mitchell, Keli Carender, Orlondo Steinauer, and Sarah Crouch. These people don’t practice their professions, but they are proud of their accomplishments and thank alma mater for theoretical knowledge and life skills. The accepted rate of the university is 88%.

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