Why Should Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Certification Take Its Place on Your Resume?

Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional is an IT credential that validates the candidates’ knowledge and technical skills in operating and managing systems on AWS. The certification is aimed at the solutions architects with at least 2 years of practical experience. These specialists have the relevant skills in designing and deploying highly available, dynamically scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant applications on AWS. They also have the competence required to choose the appropriate AWS services for the design and deployment of applications based on specific requirements. The applicants for this Amazon certificate also have the ability to design and deploy a range of enterprise-wide and scalable operations on AWS. These individuals can also transfer multifaceted and multi-tier applications and implement cost control strategies for AWS.


Main requirements for this Amazon certification

The candidates for this credential must have two years of experience designing and deploying Cloud architecture on AWS. These individuals should be able to determine Cloud app prerequisites and provide architectural recommendations for the implementation, preparation, and deployment of these apps. They also have to be conversant with AWS CLI, AWS Billing Console, AWS APIs, AWS Management Console, and AWS Cloud Formation templates. Their understanding and ability to apply the five different pillars of the Amazon AWS Well-Architected Framework will also be evaluated. The students need the relevant skills required to design hybrid architecture with key AWS technologies such as VPN along with AWS Direct Connect. The test takers should also be familiar with Windows and Linux environments and the scripting language, as well as understand how to architect a continuous deployment and integration process.


Main prerequisite for this Amazon certification

If you want to obtain the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional credential, you should pass the SAP-C01 exam. This test consists of multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions and the time allotted for their completion is 180 minutes. To register for the exam, the candidates are expected to pay the fee of $300. If they want a copy of the official practice test, they have to pay an additional $40. Amazon SAP-C01 is available in English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. You can find more details related to this certification exam on the official website.


The details of the topics covered within the SAP-C01 exam can also be found on the Amazon platform. The students can download the official study guide that details the complete content of the test on the certification webpage. When preparing for the exam, it’s crucial to pay attention to the percentage associated with each domain. It shows the weight of questions that the test takers can expect from each area. This means that the objectives with a high percentage may have a higher number of questions.


You will also find the links to prep resources on the exam webpage. Explore free study materials to start your preparation process. You may also want to take practice tests that can help you be familiar with the exam pattern. To enhance your success in Amazon SAP-C01, it is recommended that you dedicate more time to dumps and work through practice questions.



We believe that now it is obvious why you need the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification in your CV. Get this sought-after credential as soon as possible and enjoy your new job roles!


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