WATCH: LeBron James Delivers Powerful Postgame Message

The NBA is back! On Thursday night, the league returned with a doubleheader that was capped off by LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers earning a big win over the Los Angeles Clippers in Orlando.

Since returning, the NBA has had a heavy focus on social justice causes with players sharing a message on the back of their jerseys and “Black Lives Matter” painted on the court.

After the game, those messages continued with LeBron making a powerful statement about just how much basketball can mean during these difficult times.

“The game of basketball has always been bigger than just the ball and the rim and 10 guys on the floor,” James said live on TNT. “It’s an opportunity to use this platform to be able to spread a lot of positive, a lot of love, throughout the whole world.

“We understand what is going on in society right now. And we’re using this NBA platform as the players, as the coaches, as organizations to continue to stand strong on that. This is a good start. It’s great to have the NBA back. I hope our fans are proud of us tonight.”

LeBron continued to share a positive message while speaking to reporters in the media room after the game for his postgame press conference, along with sharing a photo on social media.

“What’s your purpose in life??? Create change, motivate and inspire others are some of mine! I just hope I continue to make y’all proud! Love you all,” he wrote on Instagram.

You can watch the full postgame press conference below.

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Clippers vs Lakers Live Stream: How to Watch NBA Online
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