Useful Apps and Sites for Easy Studying

Studying is probably the bane of all students. While some may have an easier time than others, most students would probably prefer doing something else other than studying. Whether it’s hanging out with friends or watching a movie, studying is a difficult task that students need to overcome.

Phones and computers especially are part of the reason why students have a hard time studying. However, that can change once you discover that there are easier and more efficient ways to study. Many school apps for students exist that make life easier for them whenever they are studying. These applications for students are designed to make studying rewarding and even fun and interesting. Some android apps for students provide information or productivity tools that aid in their studies. Services like the plagiarism checker Edubirdie offer help in making sure the outputs of students are made perfectly as well. Here are a few useful apps and sites for easier studying.

Google Drive

No one likes a crowded and cluttered computer home page. Not only is it confusing and headache-inducing, it also takes up a huge chunk of memory on your hard drive. This causes your computer to slow down and ultimately work even slower than it did before. While you can organize your files into folders, The files still remain on your hard drive and make it work even harder just to function as normal.

A simple solution? Migrate your documents to cloud storage like Google Drive. When you do this, you upload your documents and files to storage in the cloud that encrypts it and keeps it safe. Not only that, you can also organize your uploads in folders for easier access. It’s also incredibly easy to share files with friends because all you have to do is send them a link to your document. The best part? It frees up all that used space on your computer and allows it to work incredibly fast.

Plagiarism Checkers

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you turn in an essay or a paper only to have it marked zero because of plagiarism. Sometimes, it’s intentional. Most times, students just didn’t paraphrase their resources well enough. Whatever the reason may be, using plagiarism checkers can solve the problem.

Edubirdie offers a free tool that checks content for plagiarism. This free online plagiarism checker counter checks your work against millions of articles, posts, and websites online and looks for instances of plagiarism. The Edubirdie plagiarism checker works fast and efficiently points out whenever there might be parts of your work that are plagiarized. The best part? You can use this plagiarism checker free of charge.

Enago Plagiarism and AI Grammar Checker

Enago Plagiarism and AI Grammar Checker provides plagiarism check as well as AI-based grammar check in one go. Enago’s Plagiarism Checker uses the most sophisticated algorithms to detect plagiarism against 91+ billion current and archived web pages. Inclusion of Scholarly Articles check allows easy comparison against additional 82+ million published scholarly articles from 1,700+ publishers. It also includes AI Grammar Checker that checks your writing for complex grammar errors, scientific spellings, and formal tone. It suggests language enhancements that improve your writing quality. Additionally, with Power Editing, you can get up to 40% more suggestions with a 92% accuracy for better structure, clarity, readability, and impact.


This app is the best choice for visual learners. Sometimes, it’s not enough for us to see information on a piece of paper and immediately take it in. Some people prefer seeing a visualization of the information in order to have a better grasp as to how it looks like or what it actually means. If you are a learner who prefers this method, try using SimpleMind.

SimpleMind allows you to make concept maps, diagrams, charts, and tables that help you visualize the topic that you are studying. Instead of doing it on a piece of paper, this app allows you to do it digitally, where you can always access it. No need to worry about needing a whiteboard to draw your concept maps on anymore. This app is all you need to stimulate your imagination.

Dragon Dictation

For those who prefer taking notes in a more efficient manner, Dragon Dictation may be the app for you. Writing can be tiring sometimes, causing strain and heaviness to your hands and wrist. To avoid this, use Dragon Dictation in taking down your notes to relieve the chronic pain you get from constantly writing.

Dragon Dictation is a transcribing app that writes the words that you speak into it. These words are copyable and can be pasted to any document or chat group that you prefer. This is an easier alternative to typing and writing. It’s free and easy to use, which means that you can write all your term papers without having to lift a single pen or press a single key.


Collaborate with your friends and classmates with StudyBlue. It’s always easier to study when you have friends who are also in need of help. Furthermore, gathering different perspectives on a topic can help you gain a better understanding of it, allowing you to know more compared to if you were studying alone. If you want to collaborate and share knowledge with your friends, StudyBlue is the app for you.

This app allows users to upload study materials, create flashcards, and take practice quizzes while sharing it with others as well. It’s the ultimate collaboration platform where you and your classmates can share your knowledge with each other. It’s available for free as well.


Studying may be a difficult task, but our phones have made it so that we can have an easier time doing. Look into these apps and change the way you perceive studying today.

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