Getting Noticed On Instagram – It’s Easier Than You Think!

If you are a social media buff, you will surely want to have a massive following on Instagram. The channel has come a long way, from being just an image sharing platform to a leading online venue for promoting brands and businesses. If you are able to capture a large number of followers here, you may even become an influencer and make big money by endorsing brands. But the real challenge lies in being visible in the crowd. However, getting noticed on Instagram can be easier than you think, provided that you take the right approach. Here are some effective tactics you can depend on.

Focus on a niche

When it comes to boosting your following, it is always smarter to identify your target demographic. Decide a niche you would want to focus on and upload pictures and create posts that are bound to get attention from the ideal followers in that niche. For example, you may try your hand at travel, food, fashion, or fitness depending on your interests. You can even start with one niche and then diversify to grow the number of followers. Mixing food and fitness is a great idea because you may use the idea of posting healthy diet recipes for a targeted following. 

Invest in unique aesthetics

Getting people to follow your Instagram account is all about creating unique aesthetics. Have a style of your own and let it replicate in every single photo you upload. Playing with color and black and white or switching styles day in and day out may sound cool but it isn’t something that would have people coming back to your account. Maintaining consistency in your style and theme works, so avoid changing your filters too often. Spending some time to experiment and figure out your own aesthetic is worth the effort.

Upload only your best photos

The idea of posting random photos on the platform sounds great but being selective is the key. Share only the best photos because people would follow them only if there’s something amazing about them, unless you are a big celebrity or influencer. It makes sense to polish your smartphone photography skills and learn how to take good selfies that are Insta-worthy. On the other hand, find yourself a great photographer if you want someone else click the shots for you. Focus on your best features and invest in a high-quality device for taking the coolest photos. Editing the images and adding stories is a good idea to add interest to the photos.

Avoid posting too often

While you need to post photos judiciously, do not go overboard with even the best ones. Bombarding the followers with multiple posts a day can irritate them in the long run and they may end up unfollowing you. Stick to a maximum of four photos or videos in a day and space them out rather than posting all of them at once. You can use a scheduling tool to post at intervals without having to work again and again.

Be wise with the choice of hashtags

Another element that can get you noticed on Instagram is hashtags- they get the relevant audience to view your posts and interact with your account as well. The maximum limit for each post is thirty but there is no definite answer to the number you should stick to. You may even use all thirty you are permitted to but be sure that the ones you add to the post are relevant to the post, your interests and the target audience. While there are tools that can help, it is still wise to use common sense and use the same hashtags all the time.

Stay on top of interactions  

Remember that Instagram is not just a publishing platform but a social network. Being social and interacting with the community, therefore, helps you engage with the audience and win them as followers. Be sure to reply to comments on your posts, tag people and places in the pictures or even those having relevance to them. Following niche-relevant Instagram, the hashtag is a good idea to connect and interact with the right prospects. Invest your time on following profiles and leaving comments on the posts of your connections so that you get visibility in your niche.

Instagram is a platform of big opportunities provided that you are able to build a good following in a chosen niche. Following the aforementioned strategies can definitely help you get noticed and win connections that truly matter, whether you want to become an influencer or are just looking for popularity.


Author Bio: Remley Burton, leads the content team at Outreach Monks along with handling the execution of marketing campaigns. His expertise far exceeds his designated title.

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