Hollywood Sex Tape Broker Kevin Blatt Discusses Reputation Management On Opperman Report 

Have you ever heard or seen a prominent person involved in a sex tape over the internet? In most cases, these tapes are made knowingly or unknowingly and then are made public. In most cases the ideas behind these videos is either to gain fame and notoriety like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian did or to pay off the owner of the video to ensure it doesn’t go public and that’s where the dialogue from the Opperman Report gets interesting.

As a celebrity, you can lose your career when a sex tape is released over the internet since no one wants to be associated with such people. In such a case, Kevin Blatt’s services come in handy.  In 1988, a sex tape of Rob Lowe’s Career was released, and it damaged his career and there’s the infamous Chelsea Handler video that Blatt discusses on the show that one day landed on his desk as the celebrity sex tape broker.

Kevin Blatt the world-famous celebrity sex tape broker also helps fix any sexual assault or any other problem on the internet protecting innocent people through his online reputation firm Profile Defenders. Here is how he does it and what his service is all about.

How did Kevin Blatt End up In the Adult Industry

Kevin Blatt is a prominent businessman from Cleveland, Ohio who had worked his way up in the adult industry online in the late 90’s and evolved with the industry as it grew and shrunk again. He got called one day to handle a Hollywood stars’ sex tapes and that’s where the dialogue gets very interesting when you listen to the Opperman show.

The Paris Hilton Discussion

In 2003, he received a call from a friend who claimed to have a sex tape of Paris Hilton, who was going to be a big deal after releasing a reality show with Nicole Richie called The Simple Life. He was unaware of Paris Hilton at the time but learned that she was the heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune. 

As an opportunist, Kevin Blatt visits the client, and after an extensive talk, he gave the friend $50,000, and he agreed to give up the tape. After this deal, Blatt made millions, and more people wanted to be part of his deals. Later he was dealing with Kim Kardashian and other prominent people for their sex tapes and regularly receives calls to help.

Kevin Blatt did not hesitate to take advantage of the situation, which makes him a good businessman. He believes in taking risks and making a fortune out of different situations. He explains that he did not see himself in a million years pursuing this kind of career.

For years people paid a lot of money to see the website, but after the great revolution in technology, Kevin Blatt made a turn in his career. Today Kevin pays lawyers to help suppress these sex tapes and help people rebuild their reputation. He advocated for privacy among celebrities and has saved some of the most famous celebrities from losing their reputations by working with Profile Defenders who’s a world renowned online reputation management company that has helped stop child exploitation and sex trafficking over the years. 

Is Kevin Blatt the Most Controversial Celebrity sex tape Broker

During the interview, he explains that he has been involved with the Hulk Hogan Gawker trial and some other famous names one even being President Trump. Moreover, he explains that celebrity is like a religion in Los Angeles, and everyone wants to be in it.

Kevin Blatt is now taking advantage of the fact that people can do anything to be famous and using their ideas to make money. Sex tapes make people famous, and thus he is a reliable source when releasing any tape and helping people to launch their careers. A good example is Kim Kardashian. 

When people want to wipe something on the internet, Kevin Blatt is also the person to call to rebuild their reputation. After taking a look at the Paris Hiltons “1 night in Paris”, he understood what it could do.

Kevin explains that he doesn’t feel bad when other people target celebrities since he deals with mature people who can salvage what to do in life. He is a deal maker who doesn’t believe in extortion but making deals out of reality of what happens in Tinsletown.

When Charlie Sheen started having different porn stars, some started calling Kevin and explaining his weird and quirky obsessions. This story was an interesting one, and Kevin takes advantage of such a situation to sell the story. He has his limits, but his primary goal is to represent such clients and find a way to help all parties for a fair resolution.

In such a Case, Kevin sided with Charlie to help him find a lawyer and suppress the story from getting out as long as it was possible but it added up to a big pay off. He is the guy when people are trying to contain different stories.

Kevin Blatt is the closest person to a lawyer; you will have to help remove negatives online and avoid losing your career. Many celebrities have lost their careers when embarrassing videos or articles are posted and he’s the one that can help you promote it if you want to try and become famous or help you get it deleted. The choice is yours.

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