Top 7 Software That Will Help You With Paper Editing

Paper editing is a phase of writing where the writer endeavors to enhance the quality of a draft. It entails rectifying mistakes and making sentences clearer to improve the readability of a piece of text. Adding new information, rearranging words or sentences, and eliminating parts of the text are typical activities when editing.
While an essential part of writing excellent work, editing remains to be a tiring and time-consuming process. It is no wonder why many people today, especially, regular writers and editors turn to various paper editing software. Let’s take a more in-depth look at eight of such tools.


It is excellent software for identifying issues in your writing, such as spelling and grammatical blunders. You can check essays and other types of writing perfectly with this tool since it utilizes Oxford comma regulations.
Even though it allows you to check papers written in English, it offers four language preferences of the language. You can set the tool to check your work in American, British, Canadian, or Australian English.
Using the tool is quite straightforward. You can cut your text and paste it into the software for checking. Alternatively, you can upload a Word file for checking directly from your PC.
Users can choose to utilize Grammarly as a standalone app- on the editor- or as an add on. By going with the second option, you embed it on your browser, thus, enabling you to edit your content online in real-time. Grammarly can also be used in Word, desktop, and mobile.
Grammarly is available in two versions; free and paid. The free version checks for simple misspellings and grammar issues. The paid variant is more superior and offers deeper, comprehensive analysis and edits of text. Many professional editors, such as those at, use Grammarly to check papers.

Hemingway Editor

This tool provides the readability score of your piece of text and suggests the grade level the reader needs to be at to understand it. Besides, it shows the issues that you need to rectify to make your texts clearer.
Hemingway editor uses a color scheme to mark errors in your writing. Green is for passive voice, yellow for hard-to-read sentences, and red for incredibly hard-to-read sentences. Purple and green are also used to show other issues.
This software is particularly helpful when used as a final means of checking your writing. It will help you significantly enhance the level of your writing. With this tool, you can check your work on the website. Alternatively, you could get it as a desktop application.

Google Docs

It is a collaborative paper editing tool that allows you to make changes to your text with others on-the-go. You can even videoconference while modifying your writing such that people see them as you do it.

You can also collaborate with others when reviewing your work by sharing your text via a link. After that, you can ask the person on the other end to chip in their ideas on revising a piece of writing. Google Docs is free for everyone.


With this software, many authors can cooperate on a single work area. It provides users with the ability to manage various versions of a document and allows them to edit each other’s work. Ultimately, they can bring forth a final product, each with editing contributions approved by everyone.
People can work on the same text concurrently since the tool saves documents in varying versions. It also permits users to personalize their wiring, a distinctive aspect of this collaborative writing software.


It is perfect if you want a thorough analysis of your text. ProWritingAid enhances your text by doing the following:

  • Identifying passive verbs and adverbs;
  • Checking for repetition;
  • Eliminating complex and abstract phrases;
  • Removing cliché statements
  • Rectifying misspellings and grammatical mistakes;
    Checking for originality;
  • Enhancing readability.

It is free to use for 19 drafts and fewer features. There are two paid versions; Premium and Premium Plus.


It is a paper editing tool that offers way more than spelling checks and grammar analysis. With this tool, you have an array of features at your disposal that will see you become a better author. Below are some of the tool’s features and what they do:
Unique Jargon Buster™ Editing: For identifying jargon, hard words, acronyms, and abbreviations to help you write in a jargon-free style.
Smart-Spell™ Technology: For an in-depth checking of misspellings and blunders easily missed by other tools.
Individual & Corporate Customization: Allows you to personalize your writing as per you’re your or an agency’s regulations.
Advanced Writing Statistics: With this feature, this software can offer useful stats and ratings which help you become an excellent writer.
StyleWriter is available in three paid versions, Starter, Standard, and Professional. You can also use it on a trial basis.

Slick Write

It is an excellent online paper editing software. Some of the things it checks for in your work are writing style, grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Highlighting and underlining are used to identify various problems in your writing. It also offers explanations of different issues in your work.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are working toward completing an academic or keen on getting your work published, reviewing your writing and correcting mistakes will prove essential. Thoughtful editing will help you clarify your ideas better, and is way simpler to do if when you leverage these tools.

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