A Preview of Morbius the Living Vampire

First appearing back in October 1971 in The Amazing Spider-Man, Morbius the Living Vampire has become a mainstay within Marvel’s creations. After being created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, the former biochemist’s supernatural abilities emerged through a failed biochemical experiment.

The resulting antihero has grown into a central character in a whole host of Marvel-themed productions, including video games, and, perhaps more intriguingly, films. So, let’s take a look at the character within the upcoming Morbius the Living Vampire movie in 2021.

Who is Morbius and What Is the Film About?

Unlike other comic book characters, Morbius’ supernatural powers are for survival, as opposed to attaining either money or power. Given the living vampire’s problem, he is driven to drink human blood to prolong his existence. Fundamentally, although very little has been given away regarding the movie’s plot, it’s believed that the story will showcase Morbius’ origins, including his failed experiment, as per Inverse.


Despite coming to fruition in Marvel creations, the movie centered around the Nobel Prize-winning doctor is predominantly a Sony Pictures development. Interestingly, the pseudo-vampire will be played by Jared Leto, who was previously cast as the Joker in the 2016 release, Suicide Squad. While this casting by the title’s director, Daniel Espinoza, has raised a few eyebrows given the reaction to Leto’s performance as Gotham’s supervillain, The Verge believes that the 48-year-old is perfect for the role of Morbius.

The film’s cast also features several other well-known stars, including Adria Arjona, who will play the role of Morbius’ fiance, Martine Bancroft. Intriguingly, despite featuring in pre-existing Marvel creations, the New Orleans-born character is reportedly set to have a much more involved role in the 2021 film, which may be crucial in providing more depth to Morbius’ backstory.

The Interest in Vampires Hasn’t Faded

After originating from folklore in the 17th and 18th centuries, vampires have become central to a whole host of pop culture items. After rising to prominence in mainstream developments during the late 20th and early 21st century, some believe that the modern-day appeal of the undead creatures has taken a hit.

Contrary to opinions that the interest in vampires has begun to fade in recent years, numerous elements of pop culture suggest otherwise. For example, aside from the Twilight franchise, which spanned across four years between 2008 and 2012, directors and publishers still opt to create vampire-themed movies, such as the 2018 releases, Family Blood and Living Among Us. Moreover, aside from Morbius, the coming years are set to see a reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, along with Blade in 2022.


Outside of the film industry, the gaming sector has continued to utilize the undead theme. This is evident through Vampyr, for example, an action role-playing Steam game in the streets of London in 1918. Furthermore, The Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim, which received the VGX Award for Best RPG in 2011, also incorporates vampires as feature enemies. Additionally, the flourishing online casino market continues to integrate the concept into its titles. At Casino Hacks, a platform that reviews casino bonuses and offers, Immortal Romance, a vampire-themed slot, continues to be one of the world’s most-played slots nine years after being released.

Potential to be Both Entertaining and Insightful

Although much of the in-depth storyline that encompasses Leto’s character in the 2021 Morbius the Living Vampire film remains a mystery, it looks set to provide new insights into his struggles. Crucially, if other elements of pop culture are an indication of how successful the movie could be, then it’s undoubtedly apparent that audiences will continue to be drawn to vampire-themed productions, particularly this Espinoza-directed title.

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