Space Force Reportedly Renewed for a Second Season

The Office developer Greg Daniel’s new sitcom, Space Force, launched on Netflix last May, and it immediately soared to the top of the charts. Unsurprisingly, the Steve Carell-led sitcom is reportedly renewed for a second season.

The series follows General Naird, who is appointed by POTUS to lead the newest branch of the U.S. Armed Forces: the continuously mocked Space Force. From there, Naird struggles with government pressures, political mistrust, and managing his family and stress level, all while trying to get “boots on the Moon” by 2024.

(Spoilers Ahead!) 

The first season ended with the Chinese astronauts destroying the American base, leaving Space Force’s astronauts stranded on the Moon. At the same time, Naird escapes Air Force custody to rescue his daughter from a drug den. He then reunites with his wife, who escaped from prison with her security guard/lesbian lover (there’s a lot to explain there). When Naird gets word of the situation on the Moon, he turns back around to rescue the astronauts and reclaim his base.

While the show did launch to mixed reviews, The Office experienced the same reception during its first season. Hopefully, we can expect the show’s next season to be significantly better, especially with the massive cliffhanger we were given. Personally, I can’t wait to see more of John Malkovich’s character, Dr. Mallory, who stole the show with his sarcastic wit.

Alongside Carell and Malkovich, the series stars Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome, Jimmy O. Yang, Noah Emmerich, Lisa Kudrow, Jane Lynch, Patrick Warburton, and the late Fred Willard.

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