The New App From Facetune Turns Your Photos Into Art

Lightricks, the app developers behind the popular selfie-editing app Facetune have launched a brand new app named Quickart. Quickart is an app that uses tons of different effects to transform your photos into art. The app launched July 8 and is available for free download now

Quickart is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand. When you open the app, a wide variety of filters will be presented to you. These filters do crazy things to your photos like dispersing the picture into hundreds of particles or creating a psychedelic kaleidoscope effect. Just pick a filter, choose a photo from your library and watch the magic happen. The app will apply the new filter to your photo in a matter of seconds. Once applied, you can change the intensity of the filter and edit different angles of the effect. When you’re done editing simply save the photo and you’re done! It also gives you the option to post your new photo directly to Instagram or Facebook. 

Lightricks is already known for developing a host of other photo editing apps including Facetune, Photofox and Quickshot. So what does Quickart offer that their other photo apps don’t? Lightricks co-founder and CEO explained the reason behind having so many apps in an interview with The Verge. He talked about how the company’s goal is to address a wide variety of needs through a web of apps that offer different creative tools. He stated, “We really try to think not about the specific app, but more about what are all the reasonable creative needs that exist on mobile at the moment.” The app is only available on iOS at the moment.


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