UFC’s Paul Felder Has Hilarious Interaction With Keyboard Warrior

UFC fighter/commentator Paul Felder had a hilarious interaction with an Internet tough guy over Fourth of July weekend on social media. The keyboard warrior decided to comment on Felder’s Twitter feed urging him to retire.

“Stay retired Paul you’re a better commentator than fighter,” the fan said.

The comment — which interrupted another Twitter spat between Paul Felder and a troll — caught the attention of the UFC standout. Naturally, Felder decided against biting his tongue and delivered a response.

“Does it make you feel good saying that? Now would you say that to my face man to man?”, Felder asked.

Now, this is usually when the internet trolls double down on the insults and continue to take jabs at someone they know they will never come across in real-time, but the fan decided to change things up and give a brutally honest and hilarious response.

“Nope you’d kick my ass that’s why I said it on Twitter,” the man who is obviously not actually named John Fury said,

Brilliant. The honesty even appeared to catch Felder off guard.

That may be one of the best cases of disarming internet combat we have seen on the Twitterverse in recent memory. And lucky for John, he knew when to back down, because no one is really trying to catch these hands.


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