Beyonce’s New Movie Coming To Disney Plus: ‘Black Is King’

On Sunday, June 28, Beyonce celebrated the 9-year anniversary of her fourth album by revealing her next upcoming project: a visual album coming to Disney Plus. The film is titled Black Is King and will release on July 31.

The film is to be entirely written, directed and executively produced by Beyonce herself. She described the visual album as “a celebratory memoir for the world on the Black experience.” She also said the movie is “a story for the ages that informs and rebuilds the present. A reunion of cultures and shared generational beliefs. A story of how the people left most broken have an extraordinary gift and a purposeful future.” Disney revealed that Black Is King will feature and reimagine life lessons from last year’s The Lion King remake.

Beyonce produced the 2019 Lion King movie’s soundtrack and voiced the character Nala. She stated she decided to work on Lion King in order to help “today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns.” This explains why Beyonce is once again working with Disney. The announcement of Black Is King arrived just two weeks after the release of Beyonce’s latest single “Black Parade”, a song with a similar message. There has been no further news regarding the film.

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