And Then There Were Two: Deadpool Crashes X-Men Reunion

Even when he’s not starring in a movie, Deadpool’s power knows no bounds. Ryan Reynolds‘s fake feud with Hugh Jackman started up again when the former crashed an X-Men virtual reunion. The chat included Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and Sir Ian McKellen.


Right when Reynolds joined the chat, McKellen immediately signed off.

Reynolds humorously asked if it was okay to join, saying that he was a cast member. The rest of them were quick to correct him, as he was actually in the X-Men Origins film (the one that introduced Deadpool but with his mouth sewed shut).

Reynolds then invited two more guests to the chat: James McAvoy and Sophie Turner. “So many timelines, it’s like a recap of Knot’s Landing,” Reynolds quipped.

The two actors were quick to make jokes of their own. “Two professors, one cup,” McAvoy remarked. “Oh sorry, I actually thought this was a Game of Thrones reunion,” said Turner.

When Reynolds noted that Tyrion Lannister was in X-Men film (Days of Future Past), Turner swiftly logged off. Janssen followed suit, saying she had a James Bond reunion (GoldenEye). “Me too!” Berry added.

McAvoy and Stewart then left the chat, saying they also had reunions for Split and Star Trek, respectively. This left Jackman alone and awkward with Reynolds. “That fell apart quickly,” the latter said.

Just as the video was about to end, actor Liev Schrieber (Sabretooth) joined “Logan” and Deadpool for their own reunion. “X-Men Origins reunite!” Schrieber declared.

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