Jake Fromm Issues Apology After Racist Texts Surface

We say it time and time again: if you’ve made some questionable comments in the past on social media or what you believed to be private messages, they will eventually come back to haunt you. Former UGA turned Buffalo Bills quarterback Jake Fromm learned that the hard way.

After messages surfaced on social media that appeared to show Fromm using racially charged language, the signal-caller took to social media to issue an apology.

Fromm also said he addressed the text messages, which were sent in March 2019, during a team meeting.

“I am extremely sorry that I chose to use the words ‘elite white people’ in a text message conversation,” Fromm wrote in his statement. “Although I never meant to imply that I am an ‘elite white person,’ as stated later in the conversation, there’s no excuse for that word choice and sentiment. While it was poor, my heart is not. Now, more than ever, is the time for support and togetherness and I stand against racism 100%. I promise to commit myself to being a part of the solution in this country.

“I addressed my teammates and coaches in a team meeting today and I hope they see this incident is not representative of the person I am. Again, I’m truly sorry for my words and actions and humbly ask for forgiveness.”

In the text messages, Fromm said “guns are good” and then added, “just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha.”

The comments come after Drew Brees was dragged on social media for his comments on protests against police brutality, so it’s been a rough week for quarterbacks. Earlier in the day, the Oregon State football program cut redshirt tight end Rocco Carley after audio of a racist rant from his past surfaced.

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