Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin: FactsWithFiona Outed For Fake Activism

You may not have heard of Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin before, but she has now become a viral sensation for all of the wrong reasons. Moriarty-McLaughlin, who goes by the handle FactsWithFiona online, was caught doing a photo op for the ‘Gram.

Moriarty-McLaughlin was captured on video interrupting a man who was boarding up his business amid the nationwide protests against police brutality.

After she decided to interrupt the man, she asked to hold a drill and pretend to help. Immediately after her boyfriend took the photo, Fiona gave the drill back, hopped into her brand new Mercedes, and drove away.

But hey, at least she looked cute, right?

Moriarty-McLaughlin, who is a political intern with the Washington Examiner and former reporter for Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, has since removed all of her social media accounts.

Life comes at you fast, kid.

Along with her fake activism, Moriarty-McLaughlin is known for hard-hitting journalism like her most recent article, “Six Things To Do With That Avocado In Your Dorm Room.”

As you might expect, Twitter was not impressed with her performance.

“So-called “influencers” are a special bread of time deafness and stupidity,” one Twitter user wrote. “Too many of them here in LA.”

“You know what? I’m… I think I’m gonna put Twitter away for a few minutes before I throw this phone across the room,” filmmaker and director Ava DuVernay added.

Let this be a reminder, folks: cameras are everywhere. So if you’re going to be an asshole and stage activism for clout, do a better job at protecting your identity.

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