ESPN Bruce Lee Documentary: ‘Be Water’ TV Schedule & Trailer

ESPN is continuing its string of documentaries with martial arts legend Bruce Lee being the focus of the latest “30 for 30” titled Be Water. The documentary follows the epic 10-part documentary on the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan, The Last Dance, and the two-part Lance Armstrong documentary LANCE.

Be Water is set to premiere on Sunday, June 7.

The documentary focuses on Bruce Lee’s upcoming and breakthrough into stardom after being rejected by Hollywood and returning to his parents’ home country of Hong Kong.

“The film chronicles Lee’s earliest days, as the son of a Chinese opera star born while his father was on tour in San Francisco, and then raised in Hong Kong over what became an at times troubled childhood,” a press release read. “Sent to live in America at the age of 18, he began teaching Kung Fu in Seattle, and established a following that included his future wife, Linda. His ambition ever rising, Lee eventually made his way to Los Angeles, where he strove to break into American film and television.

“There, despite some success as a fight choreographer and actor, it was clear Hollywood wasn’t ready for an Asian leading man – and so he returned to Hong Kong to make the films that would, in fact, make him a legend, his international star skyrocketing just as his life was cut short.”

When will the documentary be airing?

You can check out the final trailer for Be Water and the full TV schedule below.

ESPN Bruce Lee Documentary: ‘Be Water’ TV Schedule & Trailer

Director:Bao Nguyen
Release Date: Sunday, June 7

Synopsis: ““Be Water” is a gripping, fascinating, intimate look at not just those final, defining years of Lee’s life, but the complex, often difficult, and seismic journey that led to Lee’s ultimate emergence as a singular icon in the histories of film, martial arts, and even the connection between the eastern and western worlds. “Be Water” is told entirely by the family, friends, and collaborators who knew Bruce Lee best, with an extraordinary trove of archive film providing an evocative, immersive visual tapestry that captures Lee’s charisma, his passion, his philosophy, and the eternal beauty and wonder of his art.”

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