‘The Innocence Files’ Netflix Live Stream & Viewing Info

Netflix dropped its latest docuseries, The Innocence Files, on Wednesday, April 15 as the streaming service continues to bring captivating series’ about true crimes. The docuseries was announced in early March and the time has finally come to check out what the series offers.

The subjects of the series will be Chester Hollman III, Kenneth Wyniemko, Alfred Dewayne Brown, Thomas Haynesworth, Franky Carrillo, Levon Brooks, Kennedy Brewer, and Keith Harward, so you can do a quick search of their names for information on their cases if you want to get ahead of the game.

“We are thrilled to be part of the groundbreaking Netflix series, ‘The Innocence Files,'” Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck, Innocence Project co-founders, told Variety. “This is truly important television. Each episode reveals–step by step–how the American criminal justice system gets it wrong.

“These stories feature people whose freedom was stolen because of governments’ reliance on junk science, discredited and suggestive eyewitness identification procedures, and prosecutors who engage in misconduct to win at any cost. We hope these stories motivate people to take action. There are tried and tested reforms that will improve the system to make it more fair and just. Countless innocent people endure unspeakable suffering in maximum security prisons and death row for crimes they didn’t commit. These miscarriages of justice extend a circle of pain and trauma that embraces families, communities, and even victims of crime. We must do better.”

You can check out all of the information you need about The Innocence Files below.

‘The Innocence Files’ Trailer & Viewing Details


Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Time: 3:00 AM EST
TV Channel: Netflix

Synopsis: “The Innocence Project unravels missteps and deceit in a series of wrongful convictions, exposing the injustice inflicted on victims and the accused.”

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