LOOK: Paige VanZant’s Naked Instagram Adventures Provide Quarantine Relief

Paige VanZant, like the rest of Americans, has to deal with the coronavirus pandemic by being on lockdown and quarantining as the government recommends self-isolation. VanZant is lucky enough, however, to have company thanks to her husband, fellow fighter Austin Vanderford.

And in typical VanZant fashion, she’s having a blast and using social media to show the world what she is up to.

VanZant has been enjoying quarantine season by sharing naked escapades with her husband as they go through their everyday lives.

From tending to the garden, to workouts and cooking, VanZant and Vanderford are inseparable.

They even decided to do, well, whatever you would call this.


That’s one way to enjoy isolation, and judging by the number of likes on the post the VanZant fans are enjoying it as well. It’s no wonder VanZant previously said that she makes more money through endorsements than fighting.

“With endorsements, I make way more money sitting at home posting pictures on Instagram than I do fighting,” VanZant said during a past appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “With endorsement deals and everything I pull in from social media, I would actually be at a loss just taking a fight.

You can check out more photos below.






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