Which New York teams Would Benefit From Mobile Wagering in the state?

When It comes to discussing gambling in the USA, it’s a long and confusing one. Some states still haven’t made it legal to go online on your mobile and start placing bets. New York is on that list and that is a frustrating situation not just for gamblers but the top sporting teams in the city.

Sports betting hasn’t been legal in many American states for a long time. Last year saw a major ruling by a US Supreme Court judge that changed everything. He ruled that individual states could make up their own minds on whether to legislate in favor of legalizing sports betting. Operators are quickly moving to secure new players and are bringing out big welcome bonuses to draw bettors in. This is a similar theme seen across the pond in the UK where players are given offers like free plays, matched bonuses, deposit offers and other crazy promos like a $1,000 Sportsbook bonus. In the time that could be commonplace for bettors in the USA.

June of this year saw sports betting legalized in four state casinos in New York. The slow approach towards full legalization has been heavily criticized particularly with the fact that mobile gambling has been ignored. It’s not totally surprising with Governor Andrew Cuomo not being a fan of people being able to place bets on sport on their mobiles.

New York can only look on with envious eyes on the sports betting revenue being earned in neighboring New Jersey.  Particularly since some of that revenue is coming from gamblers in New York state. 

November saw the four casinos offering sportsbooks have revenue of only $1.3m last month as figures continue to fall. If New York wants to be receiving high amounts of tax revenue from gambling on sport, then betting on mobiles must come soon. The mere fact that New Yorkers are mad about sport makes it crazy that the state is limiting the ways in which people can gamble.

As the attitude towards gambling changes in the USA, the NFL has been relaxing their rules on sponsorship. New York Jets have already had an agreement with MGM Sports. Now they’ve sorted out a deal with 888casino NJ. The New Jersey casino will see their logos and other brand symbols displayed in the MetLife Stadium and on the NFL side’s website.

The fact that the Jets have a deal with an 888sport casino is an interesting one. The NFL still isn’t in love with gambling companies. Recently they have been continuing their calls for integrity fees to be paid to sporting teams. If that did happen, then that’s more gambling revenue that would be making their way to the Jets and the Giants but that’s an ongoing battle.

The NHL and NBA are a bit keener and that could be good news for teams such as the Islanders and Rangers ice-hockey teams and the New York Knicks basketball side. Football is a sport that has huge links with sports gambling companies. Don’t be surprised if the Red Bulls and New York FC tie up deals in the future with the American Gaming Authority believing there are over $4bn in deals with gaming-related revenue.

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