Google Chrome Is The Site To Start Your Netflix Party

With the announcement that all movie theaters must shut down, Google Chrome and Netflix have teamed up to keep that movie theater experience alive in the four walls of your room. A new feature called “Netflix Party” has been created for all lovers of Netflix and their friends. This new feature allows viewers to sync video playback, meaning you can watch movies and shows at the same exact time as your friends. Another perk of Netflix Party is that it comes with the ability to chat with your friends while the show or movie is playing simultaneously. You can react with jokes or questions. It gives you a similar feel of the social aspect of going to the theaters but from the comfort of your home.


As of right now, this new feature is only available to Google Chrome users. Here’s how you get your Netflix Party started. First, if you haven’t already, download Google Chrome. Then download the Netflix Party extension in Google Chrome. Head over to Netflix where you should have decided what show or movie you want to watch with your group of friends. Click on that particular show or movie then pause it. There should be a red NP button at the top right of your screen. When you click that NP button, you should come across a button that gives you the option to Start The Party. If you choose to start the party, the URL to the video becomes available and that is what you copy and send to every friend you want to be a part of the experience.

This is a timely and creative feature that could possibly change how we spend time together. Don’t be surprised if other browsers like Safari and Firefox team up with other streaming services like Hulu or Disney+ to bring a similar feature to the public.

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