LaVar Ball is Back & Making Absurd Claims; Says LaMelo’s Physical Development is Slow Cause His Mom is White

LaVar Ball is back. The Big Baller Brand patriarch appeared on Tuesday’s edition of Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed for an interview and reminded the world that no one is able to make as many ridiculous claims in a short period of time than him.

In the interview, LaVar touched on a number of topics including Lonzo’s potential playoff clash with the Los Angeles Lakers, LiAngelo’s potential NBA career and success, and LaMelo’s ability to play under the big lights despite a slower physical development.

To start things off, LaVar claimed Lonzo and the New Orleans Pelicans would beat the Lakers in a possible playoff series because his son would be in revenge mode.

“The Lakers will lose,” LaVar said. “Let me tell you why, you’ve got my son in a different mode. You’ve never seen my son in playoff mode and ain’t never seen him in revenge mode.”

He then claimed that middle son LiAngelo, who is not even on an official G-League roster, would lead the NBA in scoring within three years of making it to the league. LiAngelo was signed as a practice player for the Oklahoma City Thunder G-League squad last fall.

“Zion can lead this league in scoring regularly till my other son gets there. When Gelo gets in the NBA, within 3 years, I guarantee you he’s a scoring champ. Guarantee you,” LaVar boasted.

The conversation then turned to youngest son LaMelo, who LaVar believes would be best suited to join the New York Knicks.

“The best fit in my eyes is New York. The New York Knicks,” said Ball. “Because I know Melo. Melo is a big city guy, he likes lights, he’d love it.”

He also boasted about his son’s focus on the game saying, “My sons are like phones, I keep making them better and better! LaMelo took the best path to the NBA. Melo’s not doing a term paper and a chemistry test, he’s focusing only on basketball.”

Then came his wildest claim, which is that LaMelo’s physical development has been slowed down because his mother is white.

Never change, LaVar.

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