Here Is Why There Should Be A Shirt Policy At Every Gym

We get it, you have muscles, and you have boobs. The gym is meant for people to work out and be healthy, not a place to show off every part of your body to the opposite sex. For women who wear only a sports bra as a top and men who don’t wear a shirt at all, please do us all a favor and go home. We know you are attractive, we know you have muscle, and we also know you like showing off. But, for the rest of us at the gym trying to working on building a better body we would like the chance to not roll our eyes at every person who is puffing out their naked chest.

If you need to wear in a restaurant, at a mall, pretty much at any public location, you should wear one to the gym. Being half naked is meant for the beach and the pool. You can show off there, better yet, you can wear less clothing there than a gym. But, it’s understandable most people who don’t wear shirts to the gym are looking to attract the opposite sex. Women wear sports bras that hike up their boobs and purposely do poorly done squats to get men to stare. Men have two reasons, one to show off their muscles that a tank top can’t and two to show girls that they have a six-pack. For those of you who are like this, do not use the excuse about it being hot. A gym is air-conditioned, and you are meant to sweat. If you are too hot, leave!

Flirting at the gym needs to stop. If you really want to meet attractive people, do what every smart person would do, go out to a bar and ask someone out. It’s not that hard, going to the gym to take more effort than going to a bar to meet people. And don’t say you can’t dress like the gym, women can easily wear a slutty dress that makes their boobs pop and men can wear a shirt that shows off their muscles. For those of you who get your enjoyment of just watching people bend down at the gym or flex their muscles, please just stay home and watch Pornhub. It’s free, and you can stay at home.

Let’s get real here, gyms are not going to make a shirt rule. Most, if not half, of their members, go to the gym to show off or stare at all the attractive people. That’s why they keep coming back, it’s the enjoyment that builds their confidence. Because of this, gyms are making money, and they won’t stop something that is making them money. The only way this can actually work is to call every person who goes topless to the gym’s grandmother and tells them the issue we have seen. A few whacks upside the head and they will forever wear a shirt, you never know they could put on layers to be safe. But, we all can’t win. What we can do is mentally laugh at the men and women who continuously show too much skin and know you are probably getting a better workout than them.

And one last thing, for those of you who don’t wear a shirt to the gym. If you leave without anyone flirting with you or asking you out, it’s a sign that you need to find a new hobby. Or just a new place to attract in the opposite sex. And if you are too lazy, there is always Tinder.

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