Top 5 Mall Shopper Stereotypes Who Never Fail To Miss A Sale

No one likes going to the mall, it’s tedious work that you instead do online. But there are some points in your free time where you have to get up off your comfy couch and get new clothing that doesn’t smell. As a person grows up the mall becomes the worst place to go to. A kid thinks the mall is like a toy store, high school it’s the place you meet all your friends at, college you don’t know what a mall is besides from your computer, and as an adult you go once every year to get new underwear at the one store that is closest to the exit. There are a select few that are always at the mall and never seem to leave. Here are five mall shopper stereotypes who will still be at the mall.

The One & Done

This is a person who is at the mall for around ten minutes. They run in knowing what store they are going to, know exactly what they are going to buy, and already have their credit card in hand. However, the one flaw in this person is they are in the mall every week. They always seem to forget one thing. It’s a quick mall trip but adds up every trip for the month, and it’s around a total of 40 minutes. That’s a long time to spend in the mall.

The Over-Spender

Well known in cheese chick flick movies, the person carrying around five bags in each arm from ten different stores. A person who doesn’t care if their bank account is close to zero, they will always buy the one sparkly thing in front of them. We can also call this person the impulsive buyer. They see they like, they buy. There is never a second thought to this person when they are buying something. The only thing running through their head is, what should I buy next? It’s a rapid cycle that will lead them to an empty bank account that their daddy will never refill.

The Bellman

The poor, innocent bellman of the mall. They will always carry the bags, no matter how heavy they are. This person is still the overly sweet boyfriend who was dragged to the mall by their petty girlfriend. They never complain or argue with their girlfriend, because this is a good died, and they will get rewarded later in the bedroom. So, a little weight lifting at the mall doesn’t seem too strenuous for them when they know what their reward is then.

Mean Girls

These mall goers are never alone; they travel in packs. The ones who always walk in unison and still manage to show their cleavage off. Somehow can navigate through the whole mall without looking up from their phone. Will go into every store, try everything on, and either buy one piece of clothing or nothing at all. They are cheap and end up buying most of their clothing online. They are only at the mall to show off their popularity and maybe get some eyes from guys from their schools and perhaps an eye from an older man, but they will never bite unless that man has money. Mean girl plus old man with money equals gold digger.

The Loner At The Food Court

There is always that person who sits at the food court at an empty table because they have no other place to be. Somehow the mall makes them feel good, they don’t feel alone with the mass amount of people walking past them. If they think extra lonely, they will more than likely try to start a conversation with someone but chicken out after saying hi. If you find this person trying to talk to you, be nice they are more scared or you than you are of them.

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